Healthcare: Translations and Interpretation Services for LEP Patients

Patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) are subject to high risk situations due to ineffective communication with their health care providers.   Some of these risks include-

  • Improper medical treatment prescribed
  • Improper preparation for lab tests and medical procedures
  • Inaccurate or incomplete medical history

Professional medical translation and interpretation services for LEP patients must be provided to manage these risks and protect the patient.

Quality Professional Interpreters

Medical and healthcare related terminology is highly specialized and is thus largely unfamiliar to individuals who have little to no experience in the industry. This means, individuals with colloquial knowledge of a language are not qualified to deliver reliable medical interpretations.

Only a professional interpreter with experience working in the medical industry has the right knowledge and skillsets to convey critical health information to both the LEP patient and doctor. Moreover, a qualified professional interpreter has a firm grasp of the subtle nuances of the native language and culture of the LEP patient.

Reliable Medical Translation Services

Vaccination records, lab test results, x-ray reports, medical history and patient intake forms- are just a few of the medical documents that need to be translated in order to make healthcare services accessible to LEP patients. Medical translations also help healthcare providers in determining an appropriate and effective treatment or care plan for a patient coming from another country. Medical translations must be accurate and provided by professional translators who are native speakers with extensive, proven experience in the healthcare and medical field.

Serving the Healthcare Industry one Interpretation and Translation at a Time

JR Language delivers translation services and interpretation services that the growing LEP population can count on. Do you have patients who are more comfortable communicating in their native language? Give us a call or request a quote to learn more and provide us with a copy of the documents you need to translate or your requirements for your medical interpretation service.

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