GBC Server

Connector for Multilingual Websites

With GBC Server, we offer advanced solutions via web services to create multilingual content for your website or for any information system.

GBC server is a key player in our set of multilingual solutions; it is a globalized management system that works as a translation service connector for content management systems. Global Business Connector (GBC) is one of the most powerful professional translation servers in the market. This translation server receives requests for translation and returns ready to publish translations, facilitating the exchange of information between the clients content that needs translation and the translation environment.

No more copying and pasting! With the use of GBC Server, we eliminate tedious and error prone activities related to translating your website or information system.

Global Business connector enables the integration of the information systems with the translation environment, and automates the tasks associated with localizing your content. This solution will save time and money, and will allow you to have more control due to the added value of translation workflow automation and dashboard management.

You have the option to implement different levels of automation, and the integration is done following fundamental guidelines for data security

GBC Workflow

The Benefits of Working with a Globalization Management System are:

  • High Level of control and security
  • Easy integration between content repositories and translation portal
  • Any information system can be connected
    (CMS, DMS, ERP or any proprietary information system can be multilingual)
  • Processing of content and documents is automated and autonomous
  • Project status and translation control using dashboard
  • Real time cost control using reporting system

We have integrated GBC server to different CMS platforms including:

• Vignet • Interwoven TeamSite
• Drupal Microsoft SharePoint
• Joomla • Django
• WordPress • Oracle UCM
• Liferay • Ximdex and OpenCms

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