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Banner Year for emerging technology uncovers a need for support services, including Translation Services in Hamilton, Canada

A port city located in Ontario, Canada, Hamilton has a metropolitan population of approximately 747,500. Developments in the economic community are driving many facets of growth as IBM, Hamilton Health Science and regional universities continue to contribute to the talent base.

Those factors alone are not a new story. Many mid-sized metropolitan cities experience pockets of growth. Often in the Northeast, however, the challenge is keeping younger talent in the region. While healthcare entities like Hamilton Health Sciences comprise a total of five hospitals and specialized care facilities employ 15,000 residents that alone might not be enough to maintain the interest of young talent and entrepreneurs.

There are some unique factors to the region

Business, student, and inbound population appear to be creating an environment of economic growth. And some of that growth, due to its population and type of services offered, will demand the use of Translation Services in Hamilton to facilitate communication with both incoming businesses and recent immigrants in the area.

Between 2001 and 2011 the area experienced an influx of immigrants from all over the globe. Of the 27,750 respondents, the greatest numbers of immigrants came from the following countries:

  • Italy: 11,610 (9.3%)
  • Poland: 5,950 (4.8%)
  • India: 5,930 (4.7%)
  • Portugal: 5,775 (4.6%)
  • Philippines: 5,285 (4.2%)
  • Croatia: 4,840 (3.9 percent)
  • United States: 4,290 (3.4%)
  • Iraq: 3,855 (3.1%)
  • China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau): 3,740 (%)
  • Germany: 3,345 (2.7%)

In addition to having a foreign-born population of approximately 5.6%, the city of Hamilton has a large French community for which provincial services are offered in French. For that reason, there are daycares, schools and community organizations that cater to the francophone community of Hamilton, and French translation has become a service of importance in the community.

Global Hamilton Connect is an organization with the express mission:

“To connect international students and young newcomers to resources and networks that increase their chances to succeed, thereby strengthening the welfare of the City of Hamilton”. In the organization’s Blog, you can read many success stories of International students that have made Hamilton their new home. They indicate that Hamilton provides international students with reliable useful resources that help them succeed.

Nearby universities such as Mohawk College and McMaster University cater to International Students. These Universities understand the mutual enriching exchange and work hard to stimulate an active student union. Macmaster engages Chinese students and scholars through the McMaster University Chinese Students and Scholars Association. This group’s Facebook page shows  Chinese students participating in a variety of activities that tie into their culture, they had a Gala in Hamilton for Chinese New Year.

Growth attracts more growth

Hamilton Health Sciences is the largest employer in Hamilton, a globally recognized academic teaching hospital with affiliations to McMaster University and Mohawk College, committed to advancing education and health research.  Hamilton Health Sciences’ recognition caught the attention of IBM. In March 2016, IBM announced a collaborative research initiative. This commitment is intended to provide access to advanced technology to researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs and includes both virtual and physical facilities within the Hamilton, Ontario area. This collaboration positions Hamilton among the top cities in Canada for health research innovation. With talented students and graduates of international origins that can get added to the mix, technical translation services within the work and research environment will likely become a need. In addition, communicating and marketing to residents and consumers around the world will increase demand for healthcare translation services as well as legal document translation.

The mix of Healthcare, Hight tech and local talent in Hamilton is creating an economic growth of International interest and International reach. As a Translation company, JR Language is excited and proud to be helping those companies in communicating with new multilingual hires and international audiences through Translation Services in Hamilton, Canada.