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Legal Translation Services

Precise, Highly Efficient Legal Translation Services

Do you work for a Canadian law firm that deals with global legal matters? Does your company operate internationally and need to have its legal documents professionally translated? Legal work can be stressful and complex when you’re dealing with multilingual cases or cross-border litigation. If you’re a lawyer with depositions that are essential to your case, accuracy and speed are essential.

The team at JR Language translation agency knows there’s no room for error with legal translations. When you work with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that every legal document translation is accurate, confidential, and delivered on time.

Trust Our Longstanding Expertise in Legal Translation

Our Canadian legal translation company brings a strong client reputation and years of experience to support an array of translation services needs. Since we’re language perfectionists, we make sure all our legal translators are a cut above the rest. They must be native speakers of their languages, with years of experience performing legal document translation. We even have expert translators that are also attorneys. These exceptional professionals have lived and worked abroad extensively, which equips them with real-world experience with the native language and the legal industry as well as legal terminology.

When you partner with JR Language, you can also have the confidence that all our legal translation projects are thoroughly reviewed beforehand. This allows us to plan carefully for full translation support and decide on the best translation approach and technology for your unique content and application. Below are the professional translation services available for your legal material:

While we only suggest human translation for some legal applications, for others, machine translation alone will be the approach we propose. Our translation company has the experience to test and analyze results, often recommending post-editing services to further refine and polish your machine-translation output. Each translation solution is based on your individual legal translation services requirements and how your translation will be used. All our suggestions are based on in-depth knowledge and experience providing legal translation services.

“Best of the Best” Legal Translators with Deep Subject Matter Expertise

Our professional legal translators are among the very best in the translation industry, and we’re proud of the legal translation team that we have built through the years. To ensure high-caliber talent, each translator is carefully vetted using a rigorous set of criteria. After every project, our translators’ performance is reviewed to ensure your legal translations are of outstanding quality.

Working with us, you can expect accurate and timely legal translation services—always. This is because we have a world-class multilingual and multidisciplinary team to support your project. From our seasoned project managers and localization engineers to our language specialists, our team will keep your translation process on track for success. You can have full confidence in our seasoned linguists, each of whom has vast subject matter expertise along with a comprehensive understanding of legal terminology and its applications. They’re professional and native speakers of your target language, with over five years of hands-on experience in legal translation.

Website Translation Services for Legal Organizations and Legal Professionals

Today’s marketplace is increasingly global. For organizations doing business in other nations or serving foreign clients in and from Canada, their website presents a great opportunity to serve and attract clients that speak and search in other languages.

Does your Canadian law firm work with global clients or in international law? If so, it’s imperative that you have your website translated and maintained by experts. You handle your English content— and leave the language version to the professionals at JR Language. We’d love to work with you to produce an exceptional multilingual version of your website.

See firsthand how our legal translations service can help your firm improve its global communication and international cases. From legal documents and transcriptions to websites, you can trust that your multilingual legal content will be accurate, polished, and professional.

Legal Document Translation Services

Custom Document Translation Services In 100+ Languages

If you have an important legal document that must be professionally translated, give us a call. We’ll get to work right away to assemble a top-notch team for your project. To ensure an accurate translation of your content, experienced legal translators will be hand-selected based on their native language abilities and industry experience. Our professional translators are specialists in legal terminology as well as legal systems. In addition, they’re equipped with legal dictionaries, translation memories, and cutting-edge translation software to help them produce excellent results.
Our professional translators will serve as an extension of your in-house team to create an accurate translation of your legal content. Choose from French legal translations, German legal translations, and more—we offer a vast selection of more than 100 languages to meet your specific requirements.

Corporate legal departments as well as international and Canadian law firms trust our legal document translation services to support their multilingual eDiscovery process during lawsuits and other legal actions. Choose from an array of translation solutions for pretrial discovery and depositions that involve foreign-language documents.

Our process starts with an in-depth review of your needs, which allows us to tailor a comprehensive solution to your specific requirements and challenges. For example, if you have a large stack of legal documents to translate during an eDiscovery, we’ll likely recommend the use of machine translation to dramatically speed up your turnaround time. This technology also results in a lower translation cost during the initial research and review of your multilingual documents.

In the next step, the important documents for the case in dispute will be identified, and together we’ll decide how to proceed. You’ll have two options to choose from: using a human translator from start to finish or polishing your machine translation results with post-editing performed by a legal translator. In many cases, a strategic mix of language services is used in legal translation services for eDiscovery. Our team of experts is committed to helping you achieve the best outcome at the right cost.

Do you need a German-to-English legal translation? Are you looking for a French-English translation for e-Discovery? No problem! When you have a mission-critical project that requires a timely response, let JR Language serve as your trusted Canadian partner. We’re ready to support your needs.

Legal Documents Translated for Our Clients

Our legal clients deserve the best legal translation services, and we are ready and equipped with the best technology and process to deliver them. Legal organizations of all types and sizes call on us to translate the following legal documents:
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Strictly Confidential Legal Translation Services

When you’re having sensitive legal documents translated from English into French, privacy is paramount for your clients’ peace of mind as well as your firm’s protection. When you work with JR Language, confidentiality is one thing you don’t have to worry about. Our team of professional legal translators understands the Translators’ Professional Code of Ethics and is dedicated to 100% compliance.

Should you need a signed confidentiality and/or non-disclosure agreement upfront, we’re ready to meet your needs. We want you to begin our partnership with complete confidence.

Legal Translation: A Demanding Field

Legal translation is a challenging specialization that requires the search for equivalent principles within two legal systems. All legal terms have different meanings in different countries. The target text has a different value from the source text. Legal translation is therefore like localization; cultural conditions are necessary for faithful translation. A legal translator is a professional who provides translation of legal terminology as well. Legal translations cannot substitute legal consultations in any country.

Turnkey Legal Interpretation Services

If your law firm is in the market for legal translation, chances are it will need legal interpreting, too. Set your practice up for success by securing the services of a comprehensive legal language company with skilled and experienced legal interpreters. We’re standing by to support your multilingual matters with legal interpretation and a host of other language services.

From providing a French legal interpretation to transcribing and translating a deposition, you can put your trust in our team of accomplished professional interpreters and translators. Let us handle your multilingual communication needs, so you can stay focused on important legal matters.

Working with more than 100 languages, JR Language offers legal interpretation services on-site or remotely. From French and Mandarin to Turkish and Korean, call our office to select and reserve your professional interpreter in advance.

Get Expert Guidance Throughout the Legal Translation Process

Whether you’re handling global litigation, the purchase of foreign real estate, or the adoption of a child from another country, contact us today to learn more about our legal translation services. If you’re ready to get started with your legal translation project, we’ll make the process simple and stress-free!

For a legal translation services quote, contact us or complete the form. Use the orange Free Quote button to upload your legal documents and get a price estimate. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a firm quote on your project and a turnaround time estimate.

Legal Translation Services Frequently Asked Questions

Legal translation involves professional legal translators specializing in translating legal documents from one language to another while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the original text.

Professional legal translators are fluent in legal terminology, possess knowledge of the legal systems in both the source and target languages, and fully understand cultural nuances. 

JR Language Translation Services Canada has a strong track record of having the most experienced, reputable team of legal translators for various legal documents and circumstances.

Our most frequently requested legal translations include foreign language contracts, patents, license agreements, wills, and affidavits. Be sure you are familiar with the legal translation requirements for your specific purposes before contacting us.

There is-but it's best to think of each as an additional 'layer' of certification. A signed statement of accuracy accompanies a certified translation. A notarized translation also contains that signed certificate, which will also have the notary seal after the certificate is signed in the presence of a notary public. The notary public affirms the signee's identity by affixing his signature and seals onto the certification page.

The level of certification needed will depend on the requirements of the organization receiving the translated document.

Legal translation services are typically priced based on language pair need, complexity and length of the documents to be translated, and the turnaround time.

First, we'll meet with you to receive all relevant information and context for your legal project. Next, we assemble a winning team of experienced legal translators and project managers who'll work together to ensure the accuracy of your legal translations. Finally, we review the final translation carefully to ensure it meets your needs and requirements.

Yes, our translation company provides legal translation services in 100 languages. Please indicate the language, target audience, use, and needs for your legal translation project.

Inaccurate translations of legal documents can have profound legal implications, including the invalidation of contracts, delays in legal proceedings, and legal liability for damages. You must select the pertinent partner for legal translation to ensure the accuracy of legal translations and avoid those consequences.

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