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JR Language provides Spanish translation services supporting Canada’s Spanish speaking population and global businesses reaching for Spanish clients.  Our Spanish to English translations are accepted for many important purposes such as college applications and employment.  Translation from English to Spanish is one of our specialties, covering a wide variety of industries including finance, education, travel & tourism, legal and technical.

Whether your goal includes launching a successful marketing campaign that connects your brand to the growing Hispanic market, or training staff members who are native Spanish speakers, you can count on our professional translation services to help you smoothly bridge language barriers

The growing worldwide Hispanic population, tourism and international commerce have all contributed to the increasing use of the Spanish language globally.  This language has migrated from Spain and Mexico and found heavy use in Brazil, the U.S., Italy, France and Portugal just to name a few countries.  That’s why expert,  Spanish translation services are in such demand.

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Spanish Language Facts

  1. Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language (by total number of speakers) in the world
  2. Days of the week and the names of months are not capitalized in Spanish
  3. Spanish is the most widely taught foreign language in the world.

Why JR Language for Your English to Spanish Translations?

Because we use only native Spanish speakers for your English to Spanish translation needs.  Spanish has many complex regional dialects, and Canada is home to immigrants who come from several of these regions including Colombia, Mexico and Peru. To effectively communicate with those in a particular culture, you have to use a linguist who has lived and worked in the area. Those are the only types of translators JR Language Translations hires to ensure that you’re able to communicate clearly with your intended target customers using the idioms they are accustomed to.

Whether you’re going from Spanish to English or English to Spanish, translations can be performed to reach the general Hispanic population or localized for any segment or culture you desire.

Reliable Spanish Translation Services for Canada

Whether personal or professional, large or small, we’ll assign a qualified Spanish translator to handle your projects including:

  • Spanish Document Translation  English to Spanish translations (and vise versa), editing, proofreading, transcription, voice-over scripts and more are available.
  • Spanish Language Translation Services  Corporate communications, marketing materials, university transcripts, legal documents and more. We dedicate a large portion of our practice to Spanish language translation.  In fact, every Spanish translator has practical work experience in the industries they translate for to ensure your projects are the absolute best they can be

Contact us today for additional information or to receive a free quote on Spanish translation services. You’ll get professional translation service and courtesy backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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