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Providing the Best Professional Korean Translation to Global Clients

Organizations of all sizes and industries—in Canada and across the globe—count on JR Language’s Korean translation services. You can expect your translation work to be performed with outstanding professionalism and a relentless focus on quality. What’s more, we make every effort to meet your budget and timeframe requirements.

Whether you need translations from Korean to English or English to Korean, trust our translation company to deliver them with the utmost clarity and accuracy. Our many years of hands-on experience and advanced technologies allow us to accommodate websites and most file formats.

A Team of Korean Translators Hand-Selected Just for You

JR Language maintains the highest standards of quality at each step of the Korean translation process. Behind all of our translation service projects are human professional Korean translators who work on translations full time. Chosen through a strict vetting process, these talented individuals are native Korean speakers and speak and write English fluently as well. They each have at least four years of proven experience.

Your translation team is hand-assembled based on your subject matter and industry. This customized, client-centric approach empowers our Korean translators to produce the best translation possible. Our goal is the same as yours: to achieve high-quality translations that engage a global audience and lend credibility and professionalism to your brand.

No matter your area of business, JR Language translation company is ready to assist you:

Why Choose JR Language as Your Korean Translation Company?

Professional Korean Translation Services

Since our inception nearly two decades ago, our translation agency has established a solid reputation for providing exceptional language services to clients worldwide. Want to know what companies are saying about us? Feel free to check out our hundreds of positive client reviews that emphasize the high quality of our translations and first-rate service. 

At JR Language, customer satisfaction and client retention are our number one priority.

Flexibility is one reason clients choose JR Language for their various Korean translation needs. Our language service solutions can be easily configured to match any combination of project requirements and budget. It’s simple to get started: Give us a detailed description of your project, who you’re trying to reach, and how you’re going to use your translated content. If you have any previous translations or approved glossaries, we’d love to have those as well. After we receive your documents, files, and information, our team of Korean translators will work on producing the best Korean translation they can.

Precise Korean Document Translation Services

Once you decide to work with our translation company, you’re assigned a dedicated team to handle your Korean document translation project—whether it’s Korean technical translation, legal translation, or another type of translation task. Your project is overseen by a highly proficient project manager who understands your company’s concerns and objectives. It’s their job to keep every phase of your project on track.

Are you looking to maintain the look and layout of your documents post-translation? Beyond English-to-Korean document translations, you also have access to our full array of Korean desktop publishing services for all types of documents. Our designers are highly knowledgeable experts with experience working on multilingual projects and with most file types. From Microsoft PowerPoint and Canva files to Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, you can expect your final translated document to look as polished and professional as the original.

When Are English-Korean Translation Services a Good Option?

Korean Technical Translation

South Korea has one of the largest segments of internet users in Asia. That makes this region an ideal target for marketing technical and digital products and services. Our Korean translation agency offers complete Korean translation services for the following technical documents:

Korean Translation for Fashion

Do you have a fashion-focused business? Fashion and Korean culture go hand in hand. Expand your customer reach by translating your documents and website into Korean. From product catalogs to online boutiques, many brands use our translation services to reach exciting new global markets.

Legal Korean Translation Services

For global organizations in Canada, English-into-Korean translations are often a must. Clients turn to JR Language for help with the Korean translation of court documents, contracts, patents, lawsuits, and other important business and legal documents and files.

Korean Translations for Government

Canada has a sizeable population of immigrants who speak Korean as their native language. For NGOs and governmental institutions, English-into-Korean translations are essential for a variety of projects—from public health, and public safety initiatives to social services and environmental applications.

We’re here to help you convey your message clearly and impactfully to your Korean-speaking constituents. Please contact us and tell us about your Korean language project, whether you’re communicating with your clients, partners, employees, or a new target market. It’s our goal to help you achieve the best Korean translation for your specific needs.

Korean Marketing Content & Website Translation

Are you looking to deploy a Korean-language website? JR Language is pleased to offer multilingual solutions for content management systems and e-commerce sites, from planning and site launch to ongoing updates. Our professional translators, localization engineers, and project managers are here to support all your website requirements, including the translation of web content, brochures, eLearning content, and apps.

Your Confidentiality is Assured

Korean Translators
Certain legal and business documents contain proprietary or highly sensitive information. When you’re having your materials translated from English to Korean, or vice versa, you want to be sure your confidential information is 100% safe and secure. We understand your need for privacy and peace of mind. That’s why our translators follow the Translators’ Professional Code of Ethics.
Do you require a signed confidentiality and/or non-disclosure agreement before your Korean translation project begins? We’re happy to accommodate you—all you have to do is ask.

Premium Korean Language Interpretation Services

Interpreting English-Korean takes a great deal of skill, concentration, and mental effort. To start, the professional interpreter must be fluent in both languages. During the interpreted session, they’re tasked with conveying the content of the original conversation using the appropriate context and vocabulary. Due to the differences between the languages, the Korean-English pair is considered one of the most difficult language pairs for both interpreters and translators.

At our language services company, we’re ready for any interpretation challenge. Our Korean interpreters, all carefully selected based on their qualifications, have vast experience interpreting for government agencies and large corporations. They understand the ethical considerations of what they do—and they’re as dedicated as the rest of our team to providing outstanding interpretation services that far exceed our clients’ expectations.

For Expert Korean Language Services, Call on Us

From website localization to video interpretation, the world-class translation team at JR Language can take on any Korean-language task. In addition to a skilled team of Korean translators and interpreters, we staff professional and meticulous project managers who know how to pair the right talent with the right client. Companies in Canada and beyond use our Korean interpretation services for:
English to Korean Translation Service

Our Korean interpretation solutions can be tailored to fit your unique requirements, whether you need remote consecutive interpretation, on-site simultaneous interpretation, Zoom translation, phone interpretation, or any combination of these services.

Contact our Korean translation agency for a free, no-obligation quote that fits your specifications, budget, and timeframe.

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