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Reliable, Expert Legal Interpretation Services for Legal Proceedings

Is your law firm looking for professional language support? Do you want to facilitate the success of your deposition or remote video interview with expert legal interpreting services? We have the experience and talent to handle your language needs in any Canadian legal setting, no matter what kind of legal matter you’re dealing with.

Known as Canada’s one-stop language services company, JR Language delivers legal translation services and legal interpretation services for a broad number of applications common in the legal industry. These include:

We’re proud to provide the highly skilled and comprehensive language support that’s needed for multilingual legal matters. Our professional technical, financial, and legal interpreters service our clients at law firms and government agencies in all Canadian provinces.

Experienced Legal Interpreters for Litigation & Discovery

How does JR Language deliver outstanding legal interpretation services for our clients? The first step is having the very best interpreting talent in the industry. When you partner with us, you’ll work with professional legal interpreters who are:

Experienced where it matters

Our team of legal interpreters is made up of trained and highly experienced language professionals. Your dedicated interpreters are chosen based on how proficient they are in your target language and the years of legal experience they bring to the table. In addition, you can be sure the interpreters selected for your project will have in-depth expertise in the subject matter at hand.


Dedicated to your privacy

All of our legal interpreters take the subject of confidentiality very seriously and abide by the Interpreter Code of Ethics. They have a solid grasp of foreign cultures and business etiquette as well as good privacy practices. Our language professionals have the training and mastery to handle all your sensitive communications from beginning to end. Your JR Language legal interpreter will always show up on time, fully briefed on your case, and ready to work.

Legal Interpreting Services: More Than 100 Languages Available

How can we help make your legal project successful? Our Canada-based team of legal interpreters is standing by to support your multilingual legal case. Choose from more than 100 languages, including Canadian French, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, and Korean.

Our goal is to eliminate the language barrier and make your life easier. Countless legal departments and law firms across Canada—both small and large—consistently rely on our professional legal interpretation services. They know how important it is to have a skilled partner with high standards by their side when it comes to representing their clients. At the core of our company is our meticulous approach to preparing our interpreters, plus our dedication to providing responsive, attentive client service.

Which languages do your legal clients speak? Which languages are required to support their case? No matter what kind of language assistance you need, our experienced interpreters and professional linguists are eager to help. You’ll work with a skilled legal interpretation coordinator, who will pair you with the best interpreter for your unique needs.

Which languages do your legal clients speak? Which languages are required to support their case? No matter what kind of language assistance you need, our experienced interpreters and professional linguists are eager to help. You’ll work with a skilled legal interpretation coordinator, who will pair you with the best interpreter for your unique needs.

French Legal Interpretation Tailored to Your Specifications

Are you searching for professional French legal interpretation? You’re not alone; Canadian law firms and legal departments reach out to us for French legal interpreters on a weekly basis. Rest assured that the French interpreter chosen for your case will be a Canadian French speaker, with experience interpreting in diverse legal settings. They will be fluent in both French and English and have at least four years of experience delivering expert interpretation services.

Our French legal interpreters have a solid understanding of legal terminology. They also possess the real-world experience and training to ensure an accurate, flawless interpretation. If you need a French interpreter for another country, we can also provide interpretation services for French for Europe and French for Africa.
What’s most important when you’re looking for French interpretation? First and foremost, you want to find a professional language provider with extensive knowledge of interpretation as well as a proven track record of client satisfaction. When you partner with JR Language, you get a team that behaves like an extension of your law firm. We’ll hand-select and prepare all the French legal interpreters for a bilingual exchange within your business meeting or mediation session while ensuring they have expertise in the subject matter of your case.

Which Legal Interpreting Service Do You Need?

Choosing the right type of interpretation can help you better manage your project execution, budget, and schedule. Our interpreting coordinator will suggest the most efficient legal interpreting services for your case based on your specific requirements and circumstances.

Our language company offers:

Legal Document Translation Services

If you need efficient and precise legal document translations, JR Language is ready to exceed your expectations. We deliver high-quality translation projects for any legal documents, offering multilingual legal translation services in over 100 languages. Our client base includes Canadian law firms, insurance companies, banks, and corporations. 

Lawyers call on us again and again for the quality of our translators’ work. They know our team of seasoned legal translators has the skills for business, legal, and administrative proceedings 

Our expertise translating legal documents and managing legal terminology includes:

French Legal Translation Services

If your law firm needs to translate documents from French into English or English into French, we’d love to assist you. You can trust our outstanding track record of delivering high-quality, multilingual legal translation services to clients across Canada.

In fact, JR Language is an industry leader in professional French translation services, specializing in legal content. Our French legal translators are also subject matter experts, which is why so many law firms and legal departments request our French legal document translation services. Backed by a robust team of full-time professional French linguists, we have the talent, technology, and resources to translate your legal English content to French around the clock.

We’d Love to Be Your Legal Language Partner

When you’re dealing with critical international litigation and judicial proceedings, important decisions are at stake. You don’t need the added stress of a language barrier. That’s why having a reliable, experienced legal language company in your corner is key.

JR Language looks forward to taking on your most complex language challenges. With a comprehensive offering of legal translation services and legal interpreting services, we stand ready to support your firm and its clients. Choose JR Language and discover why so many clients in the Canadian legal industry utilize our legal interpreting services. Enhance your legal business and the work you do for your clients by having our experienced language professionals, interpreters, translators, project managers, and more available at your disposal.

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Contact us today to tell us about your language needs and get a free quote for legal language services. Our team will deliver expert support for legal interpretation and the translation of legal documents—or provide a strategic combination of both. Working with JR Language company, you can always count on professional service and courtesy backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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