Translation Methodology

1. Scope Definition with Client

This involves the first meeting with the client in order to discuss the scope of the project. The purpose is for the project manager to understand the localization objectives, and help you define the scope of what needs to be translated, eliminating unnecessary material. At this time we obtain existing translation memories and glossaries. Throughout the duration of the task you will have a project manager assigned to you that will administer your needs, changes in scope, keeping the project on time and within budget.

2. Terminology Review with Client

For this meeting, the project manager will have reviewed the material to be translated, and prepared a list of questions to eliminate any ambiguity in the terminology to be used during translation. If large volumes are involved, we translate a sample for each language to review in this meeting. As a result of this review, the Project Manager will define translation guidelines, style guide, and the common glossary to be used by all translators, to ensure consistency in the results.

3. Translation

The translation team is the most important element of any translation. Our translators are native speakers of the target languages with proven professional experience in linguistics, translation, editing and proofreading. Our teams have qualified professionals with expertise in the specific industry or business of the projects we engage in. Our translators use translation memory systems that assist them in retaining consistency in the terminology used across the translation team and in all of the translated material.(manuals, websites, software, marketing material, documents, presentations, etc.)

4. Editing and Validation

After the translation is completed, an editor reviews and validates it to make certain the quality is consistent with the translation guidelines.

5. Delivery and Customer Feedback

The completed material is delivered to the client. Translation memories and glossaries are preserved to reduce your cost for future changes and updates. Feedback is obtained from the client to ensure satisfaction with the job.

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