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Professional Interpreting in French, Delivered with Care

Canada-based JR Language delivers high-quality French interpretation solutions for business meetings, conferences, and events. We serve all types of client organizations that need a French interpreter and handpick the professional versed in the subject matter you need.

Clients in Canada and across the globe seek French language assistance for business meetings and conference attendees. Our expert French interpretation services help French speakers better comprehend the content discussed and increase their engagement, allowing them to get more out of the experience. Beyond following industry best practices and maintaining strict compliance with privacy laws, our French interpretation company works only with highly trained professional interpreters to help ensure 100% accurate communication.

French Interpreting Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our Canadian language company offers a full suite of interpretation services and solutions for your multilingual event. Language interpretation can be performed in French and 100 other languages. Whether you’re conducting training for your employees or looking for language support during an international conference, our interpretation coordinators will choose the right interpreter for your needs and create a customized approach for your event.

JR Language delivers comprehensive interpreting services to meet any business requirements, from simple to complex. Together, we’ll develop a solution that fits your unique language needs, event location, and participants.

Below is a list of the French interpretation services we offer:

Choose either consecutive or simultaneous Canadian French interpretation services, provided both remotely and on-site. You can even go with a hybrid approach that takes into account your needs and where your attendees are going to be during the event. Our hybrid solution gives you maximum flexibility in designing multilingual support for your important event.

French Interpreting Services for Conferences

The team at JR Language is standing by to help your company with conference interpretation services at any scale or level of complexity. We will put together a world-class team of top professional interpreters and cutting-edge equipment based on your specific needs.

Our French conference interpreters have many years of hands-on experience as well as a proven track record of excellent performance. Time and again, clients choose our Canadian language services company due to the outstanding results they’ve had at previous events with our simultaneous conference interpreting.

A Focus on Multilingual Video Remote Interpreting

Every day, Canadian clients request our professional video remote interpreting services. In fact, French remote simultaneous interpretation for meetings and training sessions is one of our most popular services. JR Language has the depth of experience and knowledge to accommodate any of your video remote interpreting needs. From French interpretation on the Zoom platform to French interpreting on other video platforms, our skilled French interpreters are ready to support you in your multilingual remote meetings.

Interested in working with us? Tell us about your needs and goals for video remote interpreting. The JR Language team of linguistic experts will make sure your remote meetings and conferences are enjoyed by all participants. You can be confident that all your attendees will have an outstanding experience in French and in their other preferred languages.

Preparation matters. At the start of your French interpretation event over Zoom, our team does a test run with the interpreters to ensure all Zoom settings have the proper configuration for your meeting. This is an area where we excel. Our hands-on, customer-focused approach ensures every Zoom simultaneous interpretation is seamlessly executed from start to finish. We’re proud to have a long history of satisfied clients, happy participants, and successful events.

Over-the-Phone French Interpreting Services

From medical and dental clinics to law firms of all sizes, many of our Canadian clients use our convenient, cost-effective over-the-phone interpretation services. These on-demand services are also referred to as “phone translation services” or “French translation services by phone.”

JR Language offers phone interpretation capabilities in more than 170 languages, including French. Take advantage of 24/7 phone translation services that cater to the native language of your valuable patients and customers. Best of all, you pay only for the services you use, making this solution highly affordable.

Below are examples of clients that rely on our French translation services by phone:

Highly Qualified French Interpreters at Your Service

At JR Language Translation Services Canada, we work with some of the most talented professional Canadian French interpreters in the industry. Every professional interpreter on our team is carefully screened before coming on board. In addition, we closely monitor their performance to ensure they’re providing consistently high-quality interpretation services. Our French interpreters are all full-time language service specialists who are dedicated to their craft. They have vast firsthand experience at an international level.

At our language company, our master French interpreters are carefully classified based on their area of specialty and skill set, whether it’s consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, Quebec French, or French for France. Some are also prepared to manage video remote interpreting flawlessly.

Delivering Canadian French Interpretation Services Across an Array of Industries

When in the market for an English-French interpreter, you want an expert who can effectively break down language barriers. Your interpreter should also have knowledge of the terminology, vocabulary, and context within a specific industry and subject area. JR Language has professional interpreters who focus on different areas—from education, healthcare, and software to technology, legal, and business. We understand that having specialized subject matter expertise, on top of French-language expertise for a specific audience, is paramount to the successful execution of interpreting services.

Below are some of the industries we support with our French interpreting services:

French Translation and Localization Services

JR Language is proud to be a one-stop partner who can fulfill all of our clients’ French language needs, from interpretation services to translation and localization. If you want to translate a document from French to English or English to French, we’re ready to help. Our Canadian translation company works on French translations day in and day out. As a result, we have developed an unparalleled level of translation expertise as well as efficiency and best practices that directly benefit our clients.

The JR Language team of French translators includes professional translators and linguists who dedicate themselves full time to translation services projects. They adhere to strict best practices and use cutting-edge technology tools to make use of terminology management, translation memory, and quality assurance support.

Here are some examples of documents and content clients send to JR Language for professional translation services:

When you choose JR Language Translation Services Canada, you have a translation partner with unmatched expertise in French translations. Our world-class team of French translators is right here at your fingertips whenever you need us.

Whether you require Canadian French for use in Canada or French to reach European clients and customers, we’ll assign the right team for your multilingual content. Your success and satisfaction are our priority.

A Versatile French Language Services Company in Canada

English and French are the official languages of Canada. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that companies, governments, and other organizations are looking for the best ways to communicate with their French-speaking employees, customers, and partners. Professional French translators and English-to-French interpreters are needed more than ever to meet these communication needs.

How do you select the right French translation company? Creating clear, accurate French communications means working with a language provider who can offer top-notch French translation and French interpretation services. Whether it’s Canadian French, European French, or French for another locale, this partner requires the knowledge and resources to manage all varieties of the French language. Depending on where the translation is going to be used (Canada, Europe, or Africa), this language company must also display an in-depth understanding of regional culture and vocabulary.

JR Language is a trusted, experienced, and end-to-end French language services company—and the perfect choice for providing the French translation services you need. When you call on us, you know your French communication—whether it’s French interpretation for a conference or a document translation for a user manual—will be seamlessly executed from beginning to end.

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