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High Quality French Translation Services

JR Language delivers top quality French translation services for documents, video and websites.  We are fully dedicated to helping Canadian businesses and individuals satisfy their language requirements for any industry or purpose.

Whether you are seeking to offer your products and services to the growing French speaking audience, or need to fulfill local language laws then look no further than JR Language for seamless French Translations.

Our vast range of capabilities include the following services

  • Website Translation – we ensure that web content is as easily understood by Canadian French speakers as it is for English speakers.  Our website translation and localization services make your website look and feel as if it was created just for your French clients.
  • Translations of Labels and Packaging – we translate product identity declarations, product net quantity, dealer’s name and address, durable life dates, nutrition facts and all other packaging details.
  • Human Resources Translation– we provide document translations of employee benefits, safety guidelines, manuals and all other content required to keep your workforce informed.
  • Legal Translation – Business agreements, contracts, laws and legislation are just some of the legal documents we translate into Canadian French on a frequent basis.
Canadian French Translations

Fascinating Particulars about French

  • About 22% of Canadians speak French as their native language.
  • The majority of Canada’s French speakers live in Quebec, where 7 million speak it as a first or second language.

Why JR Language for Your Canadian French Translation Services?

Because we know that the best quality Canadian French translations are only possible with the help of skillful, experienced native Canadian French translators.
Only a native-speaking Canadian French translator will have the knowledge to expertly translate business communications, advertising and marketing materials, legal documents, medical information, personal documents using the correct cultural verbiage.
Canadian French Translation services in Canada
Using native speakers is even more important when adhering to Canada’s language laws.  For instance, in Quebec, all workers have the right to work in French.  To accommodate this, we assign a French translator who has grown up and had extensive work experience in Canada to deliver human resource document translations into Canadian French.  There is no room for translation errors in meeting such requirements.
Canadian French Business Translation Services
You’ll receive a firm quote up front on all English to Canadian French or Canadian French to English translation projects. Each document will be translated correctly the first time, and delivered on schedule for the price you were quoted.
Canadian French Translations

Where is the French Language Used?

French Translation
Contact us today for additional information or to receive a free quote on Canadian French translation services.  You’ll get professional service and courtesy backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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