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Professional, Seamless Interpretation Services From a Distance

Video remote interpreting is one of the many interpretation solutions JR Language provides. With remote interpreting, a professional interpreter provides multilingual support from an offsite location. This is accomplished through an innovative technology platform that enables video conferencing, voice integration, or over-the-phone interpretation. 

Remote interpretation services are growing in popularity due to their convenience, simplicity, and reasonable cost. No matter your requirements, our interpretation company offers different platforms and multiple solutions to meet your needs. Let us customize an effective solution for your special event or occasion. We can accommodate multilingual video webinars, business meetings, e-learning, or training sessions of all sizes.

What Type of Remote Interpreting Service Do You Need?

Your video remote interpretation can be delivered via the simultaneous or consecutive method. While JR Language offers interpretation services for more than 100 languages, our most commonly requested languages are Japanese, French, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Farsi, and Creole.
Video remote interpreting (VRI) enables instant communication between the interpreter and those requiring language assistance. This method of interpretation uses webcams, digital screens, and a high-speed internet connection.
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Remote Simultaneous interpretation

Remote simultaneous interpretation is a good choice if you’re presenting to a large group during a conference.
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Remote Consecutive Interpretation

Remote consecutive interpretation is appropriate for smaller meetings and gatherings, since the frequent pauses in the conversation make the interaction lengthier.

An alternative to video remote interpretation services is over-the-phone interpretation. This form of consecutive interpretation is excellent for medical and dental appointments as well as customer service calls. Over-the-phone-interpretation is an effective, affordable way to provide on-demand assistance in more than 100 languages, 24/7.

Zoom interpretation is another type of video interpreting service. It’s often used to manage webinars, employee meetings, e-learning, and other remote meetings. The team at JR Language can help you set up your important Zoom meeting to accommodate 50 languages—including American sign language.

Not quite what you’re looking for? An alternative to video remote interpretation services is the over-the-phone interpretation. It is another way of doing consecutive remote interpretation.

Your Virtual Meetings Interpreted in Real Time

In the past two years, virtual meetings have grown increasingly commonplace. Companies around the world are now holding staff meetings with all of their locations, allowing cross-continental communication without the need for expensive business travel.
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With the growth of virtual meetings comes a greater need to connect with multilingual audiences in a simple, streamlined way. Our language company excels at helping organizations communicate in a number of languages using platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or phone. We even have the technology to accommodate multiple languages in a single meeting.

Whether you need a Zoom interpretation or a phone interpreter, JR Language has the talent and the expertise to meet your requirements. We know what it takes to plan and execute a successful virtual, multilingual meeting. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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Common Settings for Remote Interpreting

Multilingual support can help remove language barriers in virtually any industry or any type of meeting or event. Some of the sectors that frequently call on the services of JR Language include:
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Legal Interpreting Services:

In the legal industry, clear communication is essential. That’s why legal interpreting is one of our most requested services here at JR Language. Video interpreting allows law firms to bridge language gaps in situations where there is limited English proficiency. It’s an especially useful tool for the translation of important legal documents.
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Medical Interpreting:

Whether it enables a patient to ask questions during an exam or understand their treatment options, medical interpreting is a vital tool in the healthcare setting. Video remote interpreting is preferred in many healthcare environments since it provides fast access to critical services and requires only a high-speed internet connection. 

Our medical interpretation services are used by hospitals, dental practices, doctor’s offices, and more. JR Language hires only professional medical interpreters with superior language mastery as well as in-depth knowledge of medical terminology.

Why Choose Remote Interpreting From JR Language?

JR Language is proud to help companies and individuals across the world communicate more effectively with their target audiences. The benefits of our phone or video remote interpreting solutions include:

Speed of implementation: Since we have so many remote interpreters, last-minute requests are easier to fulfill in a timely manner.
Breadth of languages: JR Language can accommodate more than 100 different languages.
No need for costly equipment: With our interpretation services, there’s rarely a need to rent and depend on equipment such as booths and receivers.
Versatility: We support and work with platforms ranging from Zoom to robust technology tools that handle complex configurations. Our platforms effortlessly handle multiple languages and different types of interpretation.
Flexibility: Depending on your requirements and budget, we can accommodate everything from simple, equipment-free phone services to complex video remote interpreting options with video relay.
Easy scalability: Have more attendees than you expected? We can add them to your solution quickly and even incorporate a new language into the interpretation mix.
Low costs: Our remote interpreting services are cost-effective, since no travel expenses are involved.
Global availability: Your JR Language remote interpreter can work from any city across the globe. This allows you to provide services in areas of the world where professional interpreters are difficult to find.
Specialized, highly qualified interpreters: Whether you’re in the medical field or legal industry, we’ll match you with the right professional interpreter for your needs.
Let us arrange your remote interpretation, via video or over the phone, using the technology and platform best suited to your bilingual or multilingual event.

Compliant, Confidential Video Remote Interpreting Solutions

At JR Language, we understand the importance of compliance and security in interpreting solutions. You can be assured that our video remote interpreting services are 100% confidential and HIPAA-compliant. All of our professional interpreters and translators have signed confidentiality agreements. If you have additional requirements, such as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we are happy to discuss your needs.
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Need Supplementary Language Services? We’ve Got You Covered.

In addition to remote interpretation services, our language company also offers on-site interpretation services and translation services in 100+ languages to meet the multilingual needs of your clients, employees, partners, and patients

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