Video Remote Interpretation Services

Interpretation with Remote Multilingual Support

Remote interpretation is a type of interpretation service where the professional interpreter provides language assistance from a distant location through a platform that allows video conferencing, voice integration, or over-the-phone interpretation.

JR Language offers remote interpretation in different platforms and has multiple solutions depending on your requirements. Whether it’s video webinars, business meetings, e-learning or training sessions, for a small group or large conference, our team of language specialists will design the best approach and offer you the most effective options for your meeting.

Variations of Remote Interpretation Services

Video remote interpretation can be delivered in a simultaneous or consecutive form. Simultaneous interpretation is often used when presenting to large groups for conferences and presentations while consecutive interpretation takes place when the interpreter listens to what is said before transferring the message to the receiver in the other language. This last interpreting method is appropriate for smaller parties since the stop-and-go flow of conversation makes the interaction lengthier.

An alternative to video remote interpretation services is over-the-phone interpretation which is another way of doing a consecutive remote interpretation.

Over-the-phone-interpretation is a cost-efficient and effective way to have OnDemand assistance in over 100 languages, 24/7. This consecutive form of interpretation is excellent for medical and dental appointments as well as customer service calls.

Video Remote Interpreting, also referred to as VRI in the translation Industry, offers instant communication between the people needing language assistance using webcams, digital screens over the internet.

Real-Time Interpretation of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are growing in use as a result of global companies having staff meetings across all locations, lockdowns, social distancing, and the sheer convenience of being able to communicate with people around the globe without having to travel. 

As virtual meetings have grown, so has the need for communicating to multilingual audiences in a streamlined way. Our language company has many years of experience helping organizations to communicate in several languages utilizing a multitude of platforms including Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or simple phone.

Our teams have handled multiple languages in one meeting as the platforms allow.

We know the best practices for planning and having a successful virtual meeting in multiple languages. Whether you need a Zoom interpretation or a phone interpreter, we have the experience needed to help you.

Industries Where Remote Interpretation is Used

Any Industry or type of meeting can use the benefits of multilingual support. Some of the industries we have helped with remote and phone interpretation are:

  • Law firms
  • Police and fire departments
  • Insurance agencies, financial services, and banks
  • Doctor and dental offices
  • School districts and educational institutions
  • Government agencies
  • NGO and social services
  • The business community at large
  • Hospitality sector – travel and tourism
  • Healthcare – hospital and telemedicine

Benefits of Remote Interpretation

We provide language assistance to numerous companies and individuals to effectively communicate through our phone

  • Cost-effective interpretation services with no travel expense involved.
  • Service availability worldwide. The interpreter can work from any city around the world, providing services in areas where interpreters for a language or industry are scarce or not available.
  • Specialized interpreters for the field required, from medical to technical to legal, or general content are in our pool and we will find the best professional interpreter for your meeting
  • Last minute requests are easier to fulfill quickly due to large availability of interpreters.
  • Over 100 languages available.
  • Reduction or elimination of equipment rentals such as booths and receivers, making it easier to establish control of the meeting.
  • We support and work with simple meeting platforms like Zoom to robust platforms that handle complex configurations, all of them support multiple languages, different types of interpretation, consecutive and simultaneous options.
  • Easy scalability. If you have more attendees than previously planned, there is no problem adding them and also providing the new language.

Confidentiality and Compliance in Remote Interpreting

Our interpretation services are HIPAA-compliant and confidential. All our interpreters and translators have signed confidentiality agreements. If you require any other action in place like an NDA, we will gladly address those needs.

Supplementary Language Services to Support Multilingual Environments

In addition to on-demand and remote interpretation services, our language company also delivers on-site interpretation services and translation services to fulfill the language demands of your employees, partners, clients, and patients.

Remote interpretation services are growing in popularity due to its simplicity and convenience. Contact JR Language today to discuss all your requirements. We will arrange your remote interpretation, via video or over the phone, using the technology and platform best suited for your bilingual or multilingual meeting.

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