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Technical Translation Services

Technical Translations Delivered with Precision

Are you in a highly technical sector and venturing into a foreign market? One of your first priorities should be having your manuals and other technical documentation professionally translated. A high-quality technical translation from an experienced agency allows you to deliver a clear and concise message to multilingual audiences. This helps you ensure an exceptional end-user experience as well as your adherence to safety and compliance regulations.

Turn to JR Language for your next technical translation project. Organizations in Canada and across the globe trust our accurate technical translation services for mission-critical content of all kinds. Our translations are performed by technical translators with expertise in the given topic, whether it’s innovative software or intricate machinery. Our world-class team of professional translators includes medical specialists, attorneys, engineers, and scientists.

What is Technical Translation?

Technical translation is defined as the translation of complex content that’s very specialized in both topic and terminology. Technical content is the type you’ll find in engineering, technology, medicine, science, and similar fields. These are not straightforward translations. In fact, given their complexity, technical translations should be performed only by experienced translators with deep knowledge of the subject matter—including an understanding of the technical terminology used in that industry

Why Choose JR Language Translation Company?

As a translation agency in Canada, JR Language offers language translation services across an array of areas. But we’re especially known for our affordable, high-quality professional technical translation. Our technical translation project capabilities include:

Choose From 100 Languages: Multilingual Translation for Your Technical Content

Since our inception, JR Language Translation Services has built a reputation as a first-rate technical translation agency in the areas of science, technology, and engineering. Choose from 100 languages, depending on your multilingual needs. For more than 16 years, we’ve served some of the largest multinational companies in the world. Our clients hail from industries including:

Our language services company offers technical translation solutions in all European, Scandinavian, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. Choose from multilingual language services such as French for Canada and French for Europe, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and simplified and traditional Chinese. You’ll be supported by a skilled team of professional technical translators that are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Technical Manual Translations with Illustrations

manual translation

If you need your technical manuals translated so that you can appeal to international customers and users, JR Language has you covered. Let us translate your technical content from English into any language of your choosing.

We can accommodate your training course, software installation manual, or product user guide as well as eLearning and website applications. And when it comes to file types, we offer flexibility there, too. Our on-site team of developers and multilingual designers can work with original files ranging from Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to XML, XLIFF, and HTML.

Do you need us to translate your non-editable drawings (e.g., infographics, CAD drawings, or BOM)? Our designers will pull the copy from your original drawing, translate it, and render a fresh version of the drawing. The result? A complete, seamless multilingual conversion.

Multi-Layered Translation Management

Certain kinds of technical documents and files change frequently, such as user guides, manuals, and technical websites. You want to ensure consistency across all your projects and updates, so our translation agency archives all previous versions of your technical translations in our translation memory. What’s the benefit for you? This allows us to retrieve all of your past translations quickly and easily at any time, giving you the ultimate control and flexibility during the translation process.

Do your technical manual updates involve large amounts of recycled content? If so, our translation management system also helps you save money. That’s because you’ll only need to translate the amended sections of text every time you perform an update to a document.

What Types of Technical Documents Do We Translate?

As a long-established translation services company in Canada, JR Language has many years of experience translating technical content of all varieties. Organizations hire us to perform technical translation services for their:

Technical translation

When it comes to engineering translations and manufacturing translations, the consistent use of proper technical terms matters. Before your translation project begins, our team creates a glossary with industry-specific words pertaining to your content. This technical glossary is invaluable to the translator as they strive to create accurate translations that convey the intended message to your audience. If you have an approved glossary for your company, we will use it within our translation environment.

Language Translation Services from Pro Translators

Will your translated technical material be read by an audience of experts? If so, your translator should have the same qualifications as they do. This allows them to manage the document translation with the utmost attention to detail.

Technical Translations

Your team of JR Language translators is hand-assembled for your project based on the level of skill and subject matter expertise you need. Many of our team members are well-educated in our clients’ fields, with real-world experience under their belt. This is how we make sure the translation of your technical documentation is 100% flawless.

For French Technical Documents, Call on Us

As a translation company in Canada, we manage a high volume of English-French Canadian translation projects daily. When it comes to technical translation, your French-speaking audiences deserve the same clear information as your English-speaking audiences. That’s where JR Language can help. Let us provide a high-quality French technical translation for your important project, no matter the industry. We’ll pair you with a translator who has native French-language capabilities and the technical knowledge your project needs to be successful.

French localization is a frequently requested service within our technical translation solutions. From a French website aiming at French speakers in Canada… to technical materials that will be used in France, just tell us the country or region you’re targeting. Our team will then get to work on the translation and localization of your French technical documents.

Do you need technical translation services for another language or locale, no problem! We are ready to tackle your technical document translation and localize it for your particular audience. From Portuguese for Brazil and Europe to Simplified and Traditional Chinese we are a one-stop technical translation agency ready to select and assemble a team for your technical documents.

Video Translation Services for Your Technical Content

Technical Translator

If you want your audiences to have the best experience with your products, videos are essential. Our translation company can convert your training or instruction videos into Canadian French and other languages—and assist with voiceovers or subtitles. Trust us to translate your video transcripts while preserving the clarity and accuracy of your original file. Technical translation for videos is often requested for specialized training projects.

A Trusted Partner for Accurate Technical Translation Services

JR Language is proud to be the technical translation agency of choice for top companies in the engineering, automotive, technology, electronics, and other sectors.

Clients Technical Translation

Have Confidence in Our Technical Translations

Looking to reach French speakers in Canada and other audiences across the globe? No matter what kinds of technical products and services you offer, you need a reputable translation services partner like JR Language. From initial patent applications all the way to product guides and training manuals, our team is able to handle any of your technical translation needs.

We are ready to work on your professional technical translation services. Contact us today to learn more about our translation services and get a free, no-obligation translation quote.

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