Italian Translation Services

JR Language offers Italian translation services for documents and websites. From Italian into English and English into Italian, our team of professional Italian translators will manage and facilitate all the elements of your translation project.

Starting with the creation of glossaries, research of terms, and following best practices and translation methodology, JR Language translation agency delivers quality in all aspects of your Italian translation project.

With years of experience providing Italian translations to companies around the world, JR Language will go the extra mile while providing excellent translation quality surrounded with its trade mark customer service.

Professional Italian Language Translation

Whether you need to translate a website from English to Italian or your requirements call for video translation from Italian to English, JR Language has you covered with our professional services and guidance all the way until your project is completed.

Experienced Italian Translation Teams

We only work with Native Italian Translators that are experienced professionals. Among them, we carefully select translators who have the expertise necessary to deliver a successful Italian translation, according to the content of your project.

Italian Translation Services

Applications for English/Italian Translation

Fashion-related Italian Translation– Versace, Armani, Cavalli and many others give Italy its rightful place in fashion. If your business is fashion, Italian is a language you cannot overlook. We have Italian translators that have worked in the fashion industry and have the knowledge to create the best translation for your needs.

Italian Website Translation– Italian speakers are avid users of internet and social media. For internet retailers, we offer state of the art multilingual solutions for your e-commerce websites.

Academic Italian Translation– Many students go to Italy to pursue studies in art, languages, theater, music and many other Humanity- related studies. When they come back to the U.S., most companies or institutions ask for their diplomas, certifications, transcripts, and other academic documents to be translated from Italian into English.

Technology Italian Translation– Although frequently overlooked when it comes to technology, Italy has one of the largest mobile phone markets in Europe and is also home to two of the largest mobile operators in Europe.

Did You Know…

  • Italian is the native language of 64 million people
  • Italian is one of the 24 official languages of the UN.
  • The Accademia della Crusca is the nearest thing to a regulatory institution of the Italian language, just as the Real Academia de la Lengua Española is to the Spanish Language. This institution has published five “Dictionaries” from 1612 to 1923.
  • Italian was also the official language of the islands of Malta and Corsica.
  • Official language of Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, and Vatican City.
  • Italy is the sixth country with the highest amount of internet users in Europe (30 million users) who are very enthusiastic about Facebook. They have the second highest amount of subscribers in the EU (19,806,660), after the United Kingdom (Internet World Stats).
  • There is an Italian world and heritage outside Italian Besides Italy, Italian is spoken in countries such as: Croatia, Switzerland and Slovenia.
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