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Whether you  are marketing your products to the Chinese market, or helping Chinese immigrants adjust to life in Canada, JR Language Translation Services has got you covered.  We offer top quality translation services from English to Chinese and Chinese to English for a wide array of industries and purposes.

With the Chinese language being among the top native languages spoken in Canada, and around the world, the need for both business  and personal Chinese translation is ever present.  JR Language works with the best Chinese translators suited to your specific need, providing professional Chinese translations ready for consumption by your intended users.

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Why use JR Language for English to Chinese Translations?

Because JR Language is an experienced  translation company, with the knowledge and know-how to acomplish your Translation Projects with the appropriate tools, on time and on budget.

We only use native Chinese language speakers who understand both the language and its culture, to deliver Chinese translations that are localized to your desired target audience.  We are intimately familiar with the complexities of the Chinese language, its usages around the world and assign the best Chinese translators to fit your Project needs.

In Canada, the two most common Chinese dialects spoken are Cantonese and Mandarin.  However, users of these dialects do not necessarily use the same written Chinese system which consist of two forms- Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.  Determining which form to use requires an understanding of the region from which your intended audience resides.  For instance- China, one of Canada’s top source countries for immigration, uses Simplified Chinese.  A translation from english to Simplified Chinese would require a professional Chinese translator who’s skilled in working with this language pair and incorporates the proper cultural nuances into the translation.

Our extensive experience with Chinese translation spans a wide variety of regions where Chinese is used as a primary language, making us your Translation Company of choice!

Trusted Chinese Translation Services

For any translation project that is personal or professional, large or small, simple or complex- we’ll assign the appropriate team of Chinese translators to handle your projects including:

Chinese Website Translation  – We make it easy for your brand to reach the Chinese market online!  Our Translation Company has a team of experienced localization engineers dedicated to delivering website translation services.  Working with them, is a team of Chinese translators and localization specialists who know how to incorporate the tone and message of your web content into the translation.  You can be assured that your translated website will be ready to go live, on the date that you need.

Chinese Legal Translation – Legal translation is a highly skilled field that requires the expertise of legal specialists.  That’s why JR Language translation company is your most reliable choice when it comes to legal translation to Chinese or from Chinese.  For your Chinese legal translation needs, we will assign a translator who is both a native Chinese speaker and an experienced professional in the legal field.  For any of your legal translation needs including insurance documents, contracts, wills or lengthy depositions, we will handle them with the utmost care and confidentiality.  Complete accuracy is our guarantee to you.

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Contact us today for additional information or to receive a free quote on Chinese translation services. You’ll get professional service and courtesy backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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