Information About Our Translation Rates

Commercial Translations Rates

Commercial translations are an essential part of business in the international marketplace.

There are many types of business and commercial translations to fulfill the industry’s complex needs. A marketing agency, for example, may need legal translations or financial translations in addition to their marketing translations.

The rates for commercial translations vary depending on the material to be translated and the overall scope of the project.

The elements that need to be taken in consideration to quote your commercial translation project are:

  • Language combinations (source and target languages)
  • Subject matter (legal, marketing, technical, medical, etc.)
  • Subject matter complexity
  • Document length (word count in the source document)
  • Document type (Word, Excel, HTML, XML or any desktop publishing software)
  • Document formatting
  • Deadline requirements
  • Any other specific needs

Please contact us with your translation project information and we will provide a quote and time for completion.

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Translation Services Rate Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple factors impact translation rates, including the following:

  • Language pair(s) requested
  • Length and complexity of the content
  • Level of expertise required of the translator

Other determinants include file type, desired turnaround time, and additional services such as file preparation and multilingual desktop publishing.

The translation price is normally calculated based on the word count in the source text multiplied by the cost per word for the language pair requested.

Cost per word may also vary based on the factors mentioned previously. Other pricing options, including hourly and per-page rates, are also available depending on the nature of the content and services required.

Our translation rates may vary for different types of content. Translating specialized content, such as technical or legal documents, requires high expertise. Therefore, translation rates for such content will likely be more expensive than simpler, more concise content.

Specialized content requires research and, often, the creation or review of a glossary of terms to aid the translation.

Fees for rush or expedited translation services may apply if a project requires a faster turnaround time than usual.

When larger or more complex translation projects require a speedier completion time, adjustments must be made to our team's workload to accommodate the deadline. These fees are generally calculated as a percentage of the total project cost.

How do I receive an exact quote for your translation services?
To receive an accurate quote for your translation service’s needs, send us your source files using our free quote request form or via email.

It is essential to provide as much information as possible about your project, including the desired target audience, language pair(s), and how the translated documents will be used. JR Language Translation Services Canada will supply a detailed quote, including all relevant costs and fees.