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Communicating with precision is of critical importance in global business- especially when medical, legal and technical matters are involved. Inaccurate information can jeopardize someone’s health, outcomes of court cases, and equipment operation. The exchange of information can be challenging when you need to communicate with customers, patients, customers or colleagues who speak a different language than you. Consecutive interpretation is the solution to those challenges.

In a consecutive interpretation, the interpreter and the speaker alternate, with the interpreter waiting until the speaker pauses to start delivering the message (interpretation). Consecutive interpretation is best used in legal environments and small business meetings.

Consecutive Interpretation on Site

JR Language offers consecutive interpretation services on site or over the phone. To plan for consecutive interpretation on site, we will need time to check on interpreter’s availability according to language combination, subject matter, location, and length of the assignment.

Besides on-site consecutive interpreting, we offer interpretation over the phone, a cost-effective form of a consecutive interpretation that is achieved without the use of special equipment and without sending the interpreter to the location. Phone interpretation is flexible since it can be arranged in a shorter time, and provides immediate availability to a larger set of languages.

Since consecutive interpretation includes pauses, starts and stops for the speaker to speak and the interpreter to render the interpreting, the communication process will take longer than usual. Please factor that time in the planning and scheduling of your event.

Consecutive Interpreting Settings:

  • Medical and Healthcare Interpreting
  • Legal and Court Interpreting
  • Business Interpreting
  • Training

Customized Consecutive Interpretation:

Depending on the size of the room and the number of attendees, a consecutive interpretation might require electronic equipment such us headsets and microphones. Contact JR Language with the requirements for your multilingual event, and we will plan and give suggestions accordingly to ensure the best execution of your event.

If you are planning an event or business activity that requires an interpreter, please contact us as soon as possible so we can match your requirements to the best resources. We will need time to reserve the resource for you according to the language, location, time, and subject matter involved. Please call or email us to discuss the needs for your next multilingual event.

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