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Culture-Centric Marketing Translation

Marketing translation services are unlike any other types of translations.  With legal translations for instance, each word must be precise – translated verbatim, word-for-word.  However, with an advertising translation project, evoking the right emotions and conveying the intended meaning of your message are absolutely vital. Considering all the different world cultures and slangs, it’s easy to see that marketing translation services require skill and an intimate knowledge of the target region.

There are countless stories of major corporations scratching entire marketing campaigns due to the mistranslation or cultural misuse of a single word. These ghastly errors are the fault of advertising translation companies that don’t consider the cultures in various world regions. The result is a simple word-to-word translation that fails to take into account the way a particular population perceives the message. Had the marketing translation company considered the culture of that specific region, they would have immediately known the language would be inappropriate.

Language Localization Eliminates Communication Barriers

Culture-centric types of marketing translation services are referred to as “localized translation.” Localization services involve detailing the correct spelling and definition, and – most importantly – the correct word use for a particular culture and geographic region.  Additional slang meanings attached to a word or phrase are also taken into consideration when performing language localization.

Each culture has its own traditions, color connotations and culture-specific meanings of symbols and icons.  These must be taken into consideration to produce a marketing message that rings true in every area of the world you wish to target. Language localization is a specialty of JR Language Translation Services.

Advertising & Marketing Translation that Bridges the Gap

It takes more than a person who can simply read and write a foreign language. It takes someone who has lived and worked in an area… a native speaker that understands the nuances that can completely alter the message you’re trying to convey.

Our staff includes native speakers who will translate the emotion of your marketing message and motivate your target customers to take action. We’ll select a native-speaking advertising translation specialist with the talent and skills to communicate the message. That translator will have extensive marketing experience, so he/she will engage your target audience without cultural gaps that might otherwise result from working with someone who is inexperienced. This assures your company won’t ever make the list of marketing translation bloopers.

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