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High-Quality Voiceover and Dubbing in 100+ Languages

Creating a compelling translated video with voiceover requires the very best voice talent available. You’ll find this supreme level of talent at JR Language Translation Services. For years, we’ve been teaming up with industry-leading voiceover artists to provide quality audio and video voiceover and dubbing across an array of sectors.

Whether you’re training your international salesforce or promoting your brand to a global audience, our voice dubbing services allow you to convey your message in a clear, professional and persuasive way.

What You Can Expect When You Hire Us

Your voice dubbing service engagement starts with an in-depth discussion about your particular needs for the project. We’ll talk about your target audiences and their unique characteristics as well as the style, tone and sound quality you’re after.

Once we understand your requirements, you can expect:

Importance of Voiceover Localization

Video and audio localization are processes that require precise coordination and attention to detail, from the transcription of your script to translation into another language… to creating a voiceover that’s culturally and linguistically appropriate. Comprehensive video dubbing services include:

Talented multilingual, multicultural voice artists use your translated script to produce the audio that will complete your video localization. However, translation into different languages can create timing variances, which can cause the audio and video to be out of sync. For example, a script that can be read quickly in English might take much longer in German. If the language expands or contracts during the translation process, our experts will modify your translation to fit the exact timing of your video. This helps ensure a flawless final product.

Choosing the right voiceover artist for a video dubbing project takes a certain degree of experience and skill. Do you need voice talent for Spain—or Argentina? Do you need a neutral accent? You’ll benefit from an extensive network of professional voice talent with just the right artist for your needs.

Having premier voice talent for your video voiceover project isn’t always enough. That’s why JR Language also staffs native speakers who coach your voice artist through the dubbing process to ensure effective interpretation, smooth delivery and proper pronunciation and intonation. These experts also oversee the implementation of script changes, if necessary.

Voice dubbing services also include expert editing and audio engineering to give your video a polished finish you can be proud of.

Need multilingual subtitles on your video to enhance its impact? In addition to voiceover services, you can opt for crisp, sophisticated-looking subtitles for your video that are completely adapted to the language or languages you require.

Which Type of Voiceover Do You Need?

There are a number of voiceover types available within our voiceover and dubbing services:

This involves playing the new, translated voiceover on top of the original audio at a louder volume, which obscures the original voice track. The original audio plays on its own for several seconds before the translated audio begins.

This voiceover variety involves recording your translated transcript and synchronizing the audio with the lip movements of the people onscreen. Lip sync is expensive due to the effort involved and is required in movies and for productions of high-level.

With dubbing services, the original audio is completely removed and replaced by a foreign language voiceover that aligns with what’s happening on-screen. It is an audio replacement.

In this type of narration, the voice track plays without a speaker actually appearing on the screen. Instead, the speaker narrates while other scenes or images play.  In most cases this style does not have on-screen quest that restrict the audio in the new language.

At JR Language, the goal of our voice dubbing service is to convey your story or information in an impactful way using the native language of your target audience.

These multilingual dubbing services are here to meet your needs for:

Find the Right Voice in Any Language, for Any Project Type

Whether you’re sharing your documentary with global partners or creating a multilingual broadcast, trust the experienced team at JR language to oversee your video translation and localization project and enriching it by adding

multilingual dubbing. You’ll benefit from outstanding transcriptionists, translators, linguists, engineers and voice artists who are passionate about developing best-in-class multilingual audio and video productions.

Just give us your original video and script—and we’ll take it from there. No Script! No problem! we will start with the creation or updating it. You can expect a professionally localized video in your desired language, delivered on time and within your budget.

Are you looking to reach out to a global, multilingual audience? Expand your message across the globe with premier voice dubbing services from our translation services company. Let’s get to work finding the right voice for you!

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