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Efficient Simultaneous Interpretation

If you are holding a multilingual, conference our simultaneous interpretation services are the best solution for a successful event. We will tailor the perfect solution for your occasion. Moreover our professional simultaneous interpreters will bring the right skill-set to the job. They are trained to get your message across—precisely, smoothly, efficiently— to make your event flawless and make the delegates feel like the event was run in their own native languages.

Our expert staff will design the interpreting session according to best practice for a successful event, designing the arrangement, specific team, and equipment necessary. The interpreter’s key elements of the service will be selected according to their language combination, cultural background and theme of the conference.

Simultaneous interpreting is a skillful job

Simultaneous interpretation is the type of interpretation rendered by relaying the message back in other languages, while the presenter is communicating his message in his language, at the same time. Strictly describing the process, the interpreter cannot start interpreting until he understands the meaning of the sentence, he will start giving the interpretation of a finished sentence, while simultaneously listening to and understanding the next sentence of the speaker. Hence, the complexity of the task and the justified mastery required from the specialized interpreter.

Due to the complexity and the mental effort of the task, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs to take turns and relieve each other. The selection of the right team depends on the language pair, subject matter, location, and the duration of the event.

Simultaneous Interpreting Settings:

• Large Meetings
• Presentations
• Conferences
• International Gatherings
• Training Sessions

Interpretation Equipment for Simultaneous Interpretation

When performing simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter sits in a booth listening through headphones and speaking into a microphone attached to interpretation equipment, at the same time the interpreted presentation is being broadcast to the attendees via headsets.

Some events require a complete set of equipment to run a multilingual conference or training program. JR Language is equipped and ready to design your meeting arrangements with interpretation booths, microphones and, wireless receivers. We provide the equipment, connectivity and technical support necessary so every person is able to understand and participate without difficulty. Our technicians will be on site during your event to ensure that everything runs as expected.

At JR Language we have the experience to support your distinguished events with Simultaneous Interpretation. Call us as soon as possible with all the information to plan your event, design the services, and reserve the best resources and equipment available.

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