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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Break Down Language Barriers With Expert Simultaneous Interpretation

Planning a multilingual conference or training seminar? With JR Language’s simultaneous interpretation services, you can ensure your event is enjoyed by all of your guests and attendees. During simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter translates what the main speaker says into another language in near-real time, with only a few seconds of a delay.

Whether you’re hosting a conference, executive training, or global presentation, JR Language Services will customize the right simultaneous interpretation solution for your event. Our professional, experienced interpreters have the skills to get your message across to native speakers of 100+ different languages. Their smooth, efficient, and virtually flawless translation allows all of your valued guests to participate in your event right as it’s happening.

How Our Simultaneous Interpretation Services Work

No matter the size of your conference, JR Language’s team uses proven best practices to assemble a team of interpreters and secure the right mix of equipment for the job. Depending on the nature of your event, our interpreters are carefully selected from our broad pool of talent based on their language capabilities, cultural background, and proficiency level.
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Why Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpretation is a special type of oral translation. It’s often used for a large event in which the audience speaks two or more languages, and a large volume of information is being delivered. A simultaneous interpreter provides linguistic support to guests who do not speak the event’s primary language. By relaying the translated content quickly to these audience members, they are able to fully partake in the occasion.

An established interpretation company, JR Language works with government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, corporations, and global enterprises that operate in multilingual and international environments. Clients rely on us to execute seamless simultaneous interpretations for:

Our simultaneous interpretation services come in a variety of forms that can be tailored to your unique specifications. You can choose on-site simultaneous interpretation services where your event is being held, or remote simultaneous interpretation services. Remote simultaneous interpretation services eliminate the need to have interpreters and equipment on location, which may help reduce your costs. You can opt for Zoom conference interpretation services or choose another remote technology platform that suits your requirements.

JR Language can also design a custom hybrid solution for simultaneous interpretations if your event’s needs and budget call for it.

Simultaneous Interpreting: A Complex Job

Are you wondering what’s involved with simultaneous interpreting? During this type of translation, while the speaker is presenting a message in his native language, an interpreter is relaying the message back in other languages at the same time.

Simultaneous interpreting should not be confused with consecutive interpretation, where the speaker says a couple of sentences and then waits while the interpreter repeats them in another language. Simultaneous interpreting is much different, and it’s a highly challenging and specialized task. Here’s why: The interpreter cannot start interpreting until he comprehends what the speaker is saying. This means he must start delivering the interpretation of a finished sentence while at the same time listening to and understanding the speaker’s next sentence! 

It’s not difficult to understand why simultaneous interpreting requires a high level of mastery developed through years of practice. In fact, since this task is so complex and mentally taxing, simultaneous interpreters often work in pairs. This allows them to rotate turns and take much-needed breaks during a long event.

A Full Suite of Simultaneous Interpretation Services

As a longtime language services provider with an outstanding of simultaneous interpreters, JR Language understands what it takes to successfully deliver this service for our clients. We can support multiple languages via the following solutions:
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Whispered interpretation​

Whispered interpreting services are also available at JR Language. With this type of interpreting, an expert interpreter sits beside an event guest and quietly translates what’s being said by the main speaker. This is a discreet type of interpretation that’s often used in smaller settings, such as diplomatic meetings or private business gatherings.

Conference Interpretation Services

When it comes to ensuring a smooth-flowing simultaneous interpretation for your multi-lingual conference, it’s essential to have the right interpretation equipment. While consecutive interpreting doesn’t necessarily require specialized equipment, simultaneous interpretation at a conference calls for very specific equipment and technology.

The professional interpreter sits in a booth with headphones on, listening to the primary speaker. When he’s ready to interpret, he speaks through a microphone that’s hooked up to the equipment. Through the use of headsets, the interpreted presentation is seamlessly and simultaneously broadcast only to the attendees who need linguistic support.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Are you holding a global conference that must be accessible in multiple languages? JR Language provides conference interpretation services both on-site and remotely. This approach eliminates geographic distances and language barriers while reducing costs. With remote simultaneous interpretation, you can feel confident that all of your event guests will be accommodated with high-quality language interpretation.

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What Kinds of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Are Used?

The kind of simultaneous interpretation equipment you need depends largely on the size and needs of your event. Larger events, such as a multilingual training session, often require large amounts of specially configured portable equipment.

This may include:

From microphones and wireless receivers to simultaneous interpreting booths, our interpretation company is capable of handling the most complex event requirements. We not only provide top-of-the-line equipment; we also provide the skilled technical support needed to make sure your interpretation goes off without a hitch. 

Let JR Language provide exceptional multilingual support—so that you can focus on your event with complete peace of mind. You’ll be assigned a dedicated interpreter coordinator who works directly with your conference organizer to oversee your event interpretations. Our goal, always, is to ensure your company’s complete satisfaction.

Additional Translation Services Supporting 100+ Languages

Our language services company doesn’t just provide interpretation services. Count on us for all of your translation and multilingual needs, including:

How Can We Help You?

We’re happy to discuss your simultaneous interpretation needs and provide a free, no-pressure estimate. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Contact JR Language today!

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