Zoom Language Interpretation Services

Seamless Zoom Interpreting From a Talented Team

Do you require multi-language support for your Zoom meetings? JR Language is ready to help you make the most of the powerful Zoom language interpretation feature. We can provide Zoom interpretation services for all of your remote presentation needs, from webinars and e-Learning to employee and client meetings. 

What kind of linguistic support do you need? Our language services company provides interpretation in more than 60 languages for Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. You can feel confident in our expansive team of professional interpreters who have vast experience and training in delivering remote interpretation services.

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    Simultaneous Interpretation for Zoom Meetings and Webinars

    If you regularly hold major webinars, seminars, and online conferences, Zoom interpretation services can empower you to attract participants from all over the globe. JR Language is proud to offer remote linguistic support in multiple languages. For webinars and conferences, we provide simultaneous interpretation, while our consecutive interpretation services are ideal for small meetings.

    Why is using simultaneous interpretation on Zoom so popular? This approach is easy to implement, and—since everything is done 100% remotely—it allows you to use professional talent from any region, anywhere in the globe.  

    Through our Zoom interpretation services, JR Language helps you ensure your message is clearly communicated to audiences with limited English proficiency—no matter their native language. We also provide Zoom sign language interpreters for audience members who are deaf or hearing-impaired.

    Remote / On-Site Hybrid Model of Interpretation

    In some cases, remote meetings use a hybrid model of interpretation. This involves interpretation on-site for the dominant language and simultaneous Zoom interpretation for languages that affect fewer attendees. This hybrid approach gives you added flexibility and can even save you money in the long run.
    Zoom Simultaneous Interpretation
    Zoom simultaneous interpretation costs depend on a variety of factors, including:
    Contact JR Language to discuss your unique Zoom interpretation needs and budget requirements with our expert consultants.
    Zoom Translation

    Who Uses Zoom Interpretation Services?

    In today’s global marketplace where multilingual Zoom meetings are frequent, businesses of all sizes need professional, high-quality Zoom interpretations. Some industries that embrace Zoom interpreting services include:

    Tap Into Our Pool of Professional Zoom Interpreters

    JR Language has built a world-class team of Zoom interpreters to help your organization bridge communication gaps using any of 100 languages. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure their capabilities and professionalism are top-notch. Whether you need a Zoom Interpreter for Spanish or interpretation to ASL, we’re committed to meeting—and exceeding—your expectations.

    Video Remote Interpreting Via Zoom

    Interpretation services are used in corporate meetings, live events, and presentations to accommodate the needs of diverse, global audiences. If you’re looking to use the interpretation feature of a video conferencing platform like Zoom, you probably have a lot of questions. For example:

    At JR Language, we’re happy to answer these questions and more. When you need an experienced Zoom interpreter as well as a company that’s well-versed in delivering and designing language services in Zoom, just give us a call. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to support you both before and during your important meeting. 

    Even if you’re new to Zoom, there’s no need to worry! We have completed hundreds of hours’ worth of Zoom remote interpretations—and we understand the ins and outs of this video platform. Our expert interpretation coordinators are ready to create a custom Zoom interpretation plan for your organization.

    Do You Need These Services for Your Remote Meeting?

    In the last decade, Zoom has continuously improved and evolved into the sophisticated, innovative video platform it is today. JR Language has mastered this powerful tool and can help you make the most of its features and capabilities.

    Below are additional services we can assist with:

    Zoom Interpretation
    Transcripts: Is your Zoom video conference being recorded? Let JR Language provide transcription of the script, subtitles, and even the voice-over in any of 100+ languages. With transcription, you can create multilingual Zoom meeting subtitles and/or a voice-over to broadcast your conference in other languages once it’s over.

    American Sign Language: For the hearing-impaired, JR Language can provide American Sign Language interpretation using Zoom’s accessibility options, which allow you to display or “pin” the interpreter directly on-screen.

    Zoom Language Interpretation
    Zoom Interpreter

    Zoom Rooms: Do you want to provide a place where people who speak the same language can communicate during your meeting? That’s where Zoom Rooms, or virtual breakout rooms, come in. We can help you set them up.

    Zoom Interpretation Services Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! Zoom is a frequently used platform for simultaneous remote interpretation.

    Yes, you will need one of the following:

    • Business, Education, Enterprise account
    • A pro account with the Zoom Webinar add-on plan

    Look at this short tutorial video to learn more about activating the zoom interpretation functions. We also recommend visiting the Zoom website for detailed instructions on the interpretation feature here.

    We can still host your Zoom meeting and assign suitable interpreters; request a Zoom interpretation quote here.
    It is best practice to schedule the service at least five business days before your event to guarantee availability. If you have a tight schedule to book a professional interpreter, we can work with you to accommodate your situation but contact us as soon as possible. Contact us at 416-787-0617 or request a quote here.
    The Zoom platform supports up to 14 languages of interpretation at the same time. JR Language Translation Services Canada offers 100 different languages. Please request a quote by clicking here.

    Our clients often use Zoom interpretation when conducting webinars, business meetings, legal engagements, HR meetings, and other live events where multilingual support is needed.

    Language Interpretation—and So Much More

    As an established language services provider, JR Language can help make your multilingual meeting or webinar a smashing success. In addition to our Zoom video interpretation services, we offer a host of add-on solutions to ensure your participants have the information and support they need in their native language.

    Are you ready to add Zoom language interpretation to your remote meetings? Contact JR Language today for help in taking your multilingual Zoom event to the next level. Together, we’ll review your requirements and goals for your call or meeting and come up with a customized strategy that works with your budget.

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