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JR Language Translation Services is the one stop for all your professional translation services in Quebec. We provide advanced language solutions in over 100 languages for Quebec City’s great community, from interpretation services to translation of documents and websites.

Your global communication goals will be met through professional translation services of the highest caliber whether it be purchasing a home overseas or establishing a contract with an international business partner. From medical translation to certified translation services we have the experience, know-how and state-of-the-art technology to complete your work.

Professional and Customized Translation Solutions

Our top priority is providing clients with the best quality translation service. For each translation request, a translation solution is carefully designed by our experienced project management team based on the client’s needs. The result is professionally translated content that is ready for publishing and consumption by the desired audience.

Choose from our array of professional translation services, including the following:


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Translation Services for Quebec
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Whether you need a translation of a simple document, a complex presentation, a contract, a technical manual or a website, you can trust the excellent quality and precise translations of JR Language. Why wait? Request your free estimate immediately.

Our customers around Canada count on JR Language Translation company for their French translation needs. Our company offers top notch French translation solutions for Quebec’s businesses and organizations. Clients successfully engage with their customers, employees, and new audiences through our full suite of French translation services which include website translation, video translation and eLearning localization. 

When you reach out to work with us, we assemble the best team for your French project, and we guarantee it will be completed within your requested timeline.

If your company is in need of French translation services, contact us today for a free quote or consultation

Our Professional Translators are also Industry Experts​

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The translators we select for your project, are not only translation experts, but native speakers, and also versed in the industry for which they translate content. We are delighted to offer you translation and localization services from only the most qualified translators. For instance, legal translation projects are assigned to experienced professionals in the legal industry such as lawyers. Similarly, Medical Document Translations are assigned to translators who have a deep understanding of medical terminology through years of medical study and research.

You can count on their expertise in language pairs including English to Canadian French, English to Arabic, English to Spanish and English to Creole. We pick native speakers of the target language selected to ensure cultural relevance and nuances unique to their dialect.

JR Language provides Quebec with document translation services for businesses and individuals. We have the most qualified translators for your document translation request which will be assigned to the translator who is highly proficient in both the languages involved along with the subject matter of your document. Our translation company treats each document translation project uniquely, making sure to adapt the translation solution that perfectly suits your specific needs.

Over the years, our translation company has become a reliable choice for businesses that seek document translation services to help accomplish business objectives. Individuals also look to us for certified translation of personal documents that are guaranteed to be acceptable for academic purposes and other personal requirements. Whether you are contacting us on behalf of your company or family member or yourself, you can be assured that your document translation needs are fully understood and met.

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Oxygen Events Ltd.
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[...] canceled on us just a couple of weeks before the event. We reached out to JR Language, and they quickly provided excellent translators at a reasonable price. Will certainly use them again.
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Fast, efficient service. We've been using them over for 2 years and they're a pleasure to work with 🙂
Muscular Dystrophy Canada
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JR Language provides outstanding customer service. [...] They deliver their translations on time and interpretation services are excellent.
Life After Law
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An absolutely great experience
Goup Benefit Underwriters
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Kind, courteous and fast; we'll use their services again without question.
Derrick Miller
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We were very happy with the quality or work and professionalism when we needed a document teanslated recently! I highly recommend this company!
Quebec legal translation servcies

JR Language provides professional legal translation services for Quebec. Our legal translation services serve a wide spectrum of legal needs for both businesses and individuals. We are prepared to handle your legal translation needs with complete accuracy and efficiency through the capabilities of our experienced professional legal translators. When it comes to legal matters, we understand time is of the essence. Your deadline is our deadline, and we will work with you and our translation team to ensure that your legal translation request is delivered in a timely manner and of exceptional quality. 

Our legal translation services include the following:

Businesses and organizations in Quebec work with our language company for their interpretation needs, JR Language provides in-person and remote interpretation services. From Zoom interpretation to over-the -phone-interpretation, also providing equipment and simultaneous interpreters for conferences.

When you need a professional interpreter for an event, you can count on us to provide the most competent interpreter to fulfill your requirements and ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience. Whether you’re conducting a job interview, a business meeting, or a large-scale conference, we’ll go above and beyond to assign professional and dependable interpreters who are fluent in the languages you need and knowledgeable in your subject matter.

If you’re planning a multilingual event or have questions about our interpreting services, contact us to discuss your needs.

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About Quebec City in the Quebec Province

Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec and is the second largest city in Canada with a population of over 530,000. The region is located along the St Lawrence River and was founded by the French explorer, Samuel de Champlain. The City’s deep roots in Francophone culture are reflected in Quebec City’s inhabitants, the majority of whom are French-speakers. 

Quebec City’s delightful culture, safe city environment, and the endless number of scenic attractions have made it a top tourist destination in Canada. Nearly 4.7 million tourists visit the City each year, one million of whom travel from 75 countries outside of Canada.

The official language of Quebec City is French. There are, however, other languages spoken as a mother tongue including Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Creole, Chinese, and Greek. 

Quebec City’s economy is driven by strong industries including aerospace and defense, tourism, life sciences, technologies and financial services. The city’s high concentration of research facilities and highly educated workforce make it a strong place for innovation and new business growth opportunities.

For Translation Services for Quebec look no further than JR Language. Contact us for a consultation or a free quote.