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Video Translation & Localization

JR Language delivers video translation services of outstanding quality to help engage clients and potential customers worldwide. Work with a full-service video translation company like us, capable of giving you end-to-end video solutions in over 100 languages. We have you covered, from the creation of the multilingual transcription of the audio file to adding the new language voice-over to your video.

Multilingual videos are valuable tools for training, marketing, public outreach and eLearning applications.

The talented professionals at JR Language understand how to translate your video in a way that effectively showcases your brand, products and services. We use multilingual subtitles and voiceovers to create an expert finished piece that enhances your business image while also supporting your SEO efforts.

Whether you need to translate a video to English or translate a video to French, JR Language offers video translation services in more than 100 languages.


Trust in Our Years of Multilingual Video Production Expertise

From professional voiceover artists to a state-of-the-art recording studio, our video translation services combine top industry talent with state-of-the-art technology. We have 14 years of experience in providing video translation, localization, subtitles and voiceover solutions for clients in a variety of industries, including:

YouTube Video Translation Services

Need to translate a YouTube video to English or French? Let JR Language help you capture more market share and enhance the customer experience through seamless video conversions. In addition to offering a YouTube video translation service, we’re skilled in working with other video platforms such as Rumble and Vimeo.
Video Translation Services Interpretation

eLearning Video Translations

Converting your eLearning course to other languages is an efficient and cost-effective way to reach a global audience. We’ll help you localize the content of your training into the language of your choice, using your:

Our Translation Company is ready to perform a professional, custom translation of your eLearning course into English, French, Spanish or virtually any other vernacular. Just contact us and we’ll schedule a convenient time.

Which Video Translation Service Should You Choose?

There’s a lot to consider when planning your video localization project. Should you use subtitles or a voiceover—or both? What special requirements are involved when you translate a video to English? You want to get your video right the first time. That’s why it’s important to choose a translation company with the experience, team and tools to help you execute your vision—on time and on budget. JR Language is here to help you explore all your options and guide you through the planning process, step by step.

Video Translation Services: Getting Started

The process begins with an in-depth “kickoff” discussion of your needs and objectives. We’ll begin by asking you a couple of initial questions:
Once we have this information, the next step is diving into the details of your project. We’ll want to know:
Once you’ve answered our questions, JR Language will present you with a free video translation services quote that reflects your specific requirements. This quote, which details all the project specifications, includes the use of native human translators with a minimum of five years of experience.

Which is Better: Subtitles, Voiceover—or Both?

Most companies find that using subtitles and voiceover in their video translation serves their end users best. Whether or not you use both depends on your budget and the experience you want your audiences to have. Keep in mind that:

Once you approve our quote for video translation services, the next step is to work with the transcript of the video or audio. If you have a transcript ready, great! If not, we can create a transcript from the source file you send us.

After the transcript is ready, it’s time to perform the translation. Your translation is done by a highly qualified translator to make sure it’s linguistically and culturally accurate. Your transcripts are time-coded to precisely match the placement of the translated version in the video or audio file.

When your translation is finished, we’ll then start creating the subtitles and voiceover. Since these are separate products used in the final multilingual production of your video, they can be completed at the same time.

After your script has been translated into the language you want, our team creates the subtitle files. We’ll either replace the subtitles in your original video or, if your video didn’t have subtitles, add new ones. The nature of your video’s subtitles depends on the decisions you made during our initial kickoff meeting.

If you’re happy with the transcript JR Language has provided, we’ll tap into our network of voice talent and choose the professionals that are the best fit for your job. Once the voiceover is complete, a final internal review takes place. Our production team makes sure your voiceover files are 100% complete and properly timed. They also ensure that the voiceover follows the audio translation and is appropriate for your target audience.

Our Video Translation Process:

Video Translation Subtitle Voiceover Process

Our Promise to You

Choose JR Language as your video translation services partner, and you can expect:

When it comes to the translation of video and audio, specialized expertise matters. Translating a video to English for a Japanese product differs greatly from a video game translation into Spanish. Our Translation Agency has world-class translators who work in both their native language—and within their specific area of knowledge. They know their stuff!

Need a Video Translation? Request a Quote Today!

Audience targeting is important when you’re producing video content. Your customers, employees and students are more likely to watch your video if the content is presented in their native language. Harness the power of video localization in your next project and reach different cultures across the globe. JR language is here to help. If you’re interested in video translation services, contact us today to discuss your needs. We’re excited to work with you!

Get a Quote for your video Translation Project

To receive your free quote for video translation, contact us today to setup a time to go over the details with you. We look forward to helping you communicate your value to clients, employees, students and viewers through the power of video translation.


Video Translation Services Frequently Asked Questions

Video translation involves the translation of audio and visual content from one language to another. Subtitling, voice-over, or dubbing are some methods by which a video is translated and localized to reach audiences globally.

Our video translation services are available in 100 languages. So, by using the English version, our translation company can translate your videos and audio files to the language of your target audience. Please indicate specific language needs.

Companies and organizations frequently use video translation services for:

  • Video tutorials
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Corporate training videos
  • Entertainment content
  • eLearning

Video translation service prices vary based on multiple aspects, including video length, language pair, and specific services required for video production support. Other factors impacting pricing are subject matter, number of speakers in the video, and presence of on-screen text.

Turnaround time for video translation services depends on several aspects:

  • Video length
  • Audio quality
  • File type
  • On-screen text
  • Use of Subtitles or voice-over
  • Other services required to support video production

All these factors and more determine the amount of work involved. For some video translation projects, we transcribe the original audio and timecode, then translate the text, add subtitles, and provide voice-overs. The process could differ for other projects- we might begin by translating the transcript developed by the client.

Specify your timeframe beforehand to help us ensure your video translation project is completed successfully within your desired deadline.

The subtitling process focuses on adding text—in the translated or original language—over the video. In contrast, dubbing involves replacing the original audio with the translated audio in the target language.

Subtitling is faster and less expensive than dubbing but is best suited only for certain video types. Depending on your specific needs, videos will have subtitles, dubbing, or both added for their language versions.

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