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Multilingual Transcription Available in 100+ Languages

Do you need your audio recordings or videos professionally transcribed? From English and Spanish to Italian and French, JR Language provides quality transcription and translation video services in more than 100 languages and dialects. Our first-class team of translators ensures you receive the most flawless transcription possible, every time.

When you choose our translation company, you can expect tailored transcription services designed around your unique project needs. Audio and video transcription services are available for any industry, whether it’s law, healthcare, business or education. Our staff can handle any size project, large or small. Transcription is typically the first step in audio/video localization services. If you need a translation of the transcription, JR Language can handle that, too. You can also rely on us for audio file creation, multilingual subtitles– and translation of the on-screen text.

Types of Content We Can Transcribe

The JR Language team is adept at transcribing and translating multiple types of audio content, with a commitment to creating a high-quality finished product. You can send us the following pieces with complete confidence:

The JR Language team is adept at transcribing and translating multiple types of audio content, with a commitment to creating a high-quality finished product. You can send us the following pieces with complete confidence:

Audio and Video Transcription Services With a Focus on Detail

Did you know that a transcription should be treated as a legal document? Since a transcription is a written version of dictated or recorded material, it’s required to be a 100%  verbatim duplicate of the original audio or video recording.

 At JR Language, meticulousness is our main priority. Your transcriptions are never amended in any way unless you explicitly instruct us to do so.  

Your multilingual transcription project begins when you deliver your original audio and video files. Then, our linguists watch and/or listen to your recordings and transcribe what they hear into clear, written communication. Once your transcribed document is finished, it can be translated into the language of your choice.

Our transcription and translation video services include timestamps or time-coding. This enables you to control the length of your piece if necessary and accommodates the handling of any on-screen references. Time coding is essential if you want to create an audio or video with the translated transcription. This is because translated languages tend to expand and contract from the original source language. Time coding is helpful in ensuring that the translated language stays in sync with the video when you add the new subtitles or the voiceover in the foreign language.

File Types We Transcribe

Our translation company has the capabilities to transcribe the following file formats:
Have a different file type to send us? No problem! Just let us know in advance so that we can customize our audio and video transcription services to your unique requirements.

How Much Will Your Video Transcription Project Cost?

Below are some of the factors that affect pricing for audio and video transcription: 

We understand how important it is to stick to your budget or to get an idea of the cost of a service. That’s why we’re happy to provide a no-cost quote for your transcription project. Simply send us the source audio or video file and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Industry-Specific Transcription and Translation Video Services

After evaluating your video or audio translation needs, you’ll be assigned dedicated project manager and professional translators with expertise in translating for your industry. Our multilingual transcription services span an array of sectors, including:
Video Translation Services Interpretation

Transcription - Localization of Audio Content

At JR Language, we don’t just transcribe files, we take extra care to preserve the message of your source content and communicate that message effectively in the new language after the translation process.

Working with our translation company gives you access to a world-class team of experienced transcribers and linguists. We staff native speakers of more than 100 languages who know how to deliver a culturally appropriate translation that’s localized to your audience.

Our Process: What You Can Expect

The first step in working with JR Language is an in-depth discussion of your project requirements. We’ll talk about the traits of your target audience(s) as well as the file types needed and any special requirements and time limitations. Then:

Audio or Video Transcription Services: Your Privacy Assurance

Strict client confidentiality is one of our top business priorities at JR Language. Under our stringent policies, your source and finished files are securely stored and handled at every step of our engagement.

All of our employees and contractors are as committed as we are to client privacy, and all have signed confidentiality agreements.

If you have your own confidentiality agreement or NDA, we are happy to sign it. We’ll also take any additional measures you deem necessary to safeguard your sensitive information. This may include permanently deleting your files after your project has concluded.

Choose an Experienced Audio/Visual Transcription Partner

If you’re looking for accurate and dependable audio and video transcription services, you want a company with the team, tools and knowledge to deliver a quality product. That company is JR Language. We have a long track record of assisting clients with all types of transcription projects in multiple languages.
Ready to learn more about our video transcription services? Contact us today to discuss your needs. We look forward to helping you bring your multilingual project to fruition!
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