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When you want to compete successfully in a global marketplace, you need a qualified language translation company that understands your goals and designs a solution to help you achieve them fast. JR Language offers a full array of Language translation services customized to support your company’s message and needs. With 100% customer satisfaction in mind, we strive to effectively and accurately communicate your message to clients, partners and employees around the world.

Choose from over 100 different languages including language pairs such as English to French, and English to Chinese. Gain access to language translation services for a variety of industries that are accurate, relevant and localized to your specific market. Whether you need to translate official documents, create a multinational web presence, market your products, conduct employee surveys or translate medical content, JR Language is ready to help achieve your multilingual communication needs.

We work on simple and complex language projects with the highest level of excellence while adjusting to the needs of your global business.

Why Are Our Language Translation Services Exceptional?

Our Translation Company abides by the strict regulation of the norm ISO 17100:201, created for translation services.

For each translation project, we select a winning combination of the best team and technology to execute it. The high quality of our translation services is directly tied to the experience and excellence of our team of skilled linguists, translators and project managers. Only the best professional translators and interpreters work on our language projects. We follow a strict standard to select all resources. We are consistently developing and evaluating their quality, ensuring that we only work with the best.

JR Language offers advanced language solutions to our clients, employing technology, and talent to manage your translation project while following best practices. The software used for project management is entirely designed for translation companies and we use a host of translation software tools, and programs to address complexity and large volumes.

JR Language is centered on using professional human linguists to execute translation projects. Our translators are all native speakers of the language they translate into and are also subject matter experts for the disciplines they are assigned to work on. We will hand pick the team of translators who are best equipped to deliver your multilingual content.

There is a greater need for multilingual content than ever before and at a faster rate.  This trend has made a significant impact on the usage of and growing interest in Machine Translation.

Machine translation engines have evolved. With new programs that learn, our translation agency provides machine-translated content or enhanced post-edited content done by human translators after being processed by the translation engines.

Our translation company will work closely with you to determine the feasibility of using machine translation software for your content translation request.

In order to organize and control execution of all projects, we utilize a CRM and Project management tool that is a leading solution in the translation industry. Each member of our staff works regularly with this management system to have a full view of resources, activities and deadline for each translation service project.

Within our toolbox we have CAT tools that help improve consistency and ensure Quality Assurance during the translation process. All translators, editors and proofreaders work with this productivity tool that allows for implementation of glossaries and translation memories that are reused from prior translations.

Online Translation Services We Offer

document translation services Image

Document Translation

We offer professional translation of documents in 100 languages, with emphasis in translation from English into French and French into English. We have capability to work with different file types and access to a wide pool of professional translators from which we select the most qualified to work on your translation project. Each translator has experience in the industry required, whether it’s in the legal field, medical, financial or marketing We translate manuals, financial reports, presentations, legal contracts, product sheets and training content with accuracy, while following best practices to achieve quality and complete customer satisfaction.
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Legal Translation Services Image

Legal Translation

We provide certified translations for corporate clients that require certified translations for legal proceedings, authentication when documents are to be used abroad, those that will be filed at any governmental agencies, amongst others. Our certification is issued by a certified translator in a variety of languages.
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Desktop Publishing Service Image

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

The final goal is presenting your translated document in the same format as the original documents, with a perfect layout. Graphic localization and typesetting are critical to delivering a final product that is ready for display or print. We have capabilities to work in several formats and software. Please provide the original files and our language specialist will evaluate your multilingual formatting needs.
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Website Translation Services Image

Website Translation and Localization Services

Whether you need to offer a bilingual English – French website for the Canadian audience or are looking to gain a global presence in other markets, website translation opens virtual doors to the world. Translate several pages or your entire site so visitors can find you and feel confident about doing business with your company.
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Simultaneous Translation Services Image

Interpretation Services

From remote to on-site interpretation, simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services, we facilitate multilingual communication for meetings and conferences. Bridge the language barrier with professional interpretation services designed to simplify multilingual communications.
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Video Translation Services Image

Video and Audio Translation Services

Your video content has the potential to engage a global market! With a host of services for media localization, we will help transform your video to meet all your language needs. From audio to on-screen text, we make sure all parts of your video are properly localized to your target audience. deliver multilingual videos for training, marketing and e-learning. We also offer transcription, multilingual subtitles, voice-over, dubbing and production of the final video. Contact us with your needs, and we’ll develop a customized video translation solution that will successfully get your message across in another language.
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Benefits of Choosing JR Language Translation Services

Translation Services Project
Customized Solutions for Your Project

With a variety of translation solutions at your disposal, we will choose and tailor the best translation solution for your multilingual needs. Our language specialist will work understanding your language requirements and creating a plan that adapts to the budget, requirements, and turnaround time needed.

A Professional and experienced Team

We select and prepare every member of our team to give attention to the details and steps of your translation and interpretation services. From customer services, project managers, linguists, interpreters, to designer and localization engineers, each member of the team understands your needs, the deliverables and their responsibilities. The team is trained to use the tools to achieve success in your translation and interpretation project.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The quality of our online translation services, and our incredible customer services is reflected in our client’s reviews and in our high level of client retention. The team assigned to your project will work on your translation until you are completely satisfied.
With client satisfaction as our main goal, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional translation.

Human Translation Services
Turnaround Time

Every project is planned with the ideal completion time in order to achieve top quality. If needed, however, we do offer rush services complete with alternative workflows to achieve faster delivery with absolutely no sacrifice to quality. We provide exceptional service with timely completion.

Confidentiality Legal Translation Servies
Confidentiality and security

JR Language works under a complete confidentiality approach, each person that works in our company has signed a nondisclosure agreement. When requested, we also sign NDAs with our clients, following best practices for security of information. You can rest assured that all information you provide to us is secure and kept under absolute confidentiality.

Translation Services Rates

JR Language offers competitive translation services rates while guaranteeing quality and selection of the best resources. Our translation agency uses technology to address different language translation needs, from different file types, complex languages with specific styles that require knowledge and specific fonts, to typesetting services and file conversion. We have a fantastic and experienced team of linguists, engineers, designers, project managers, and language solutions experts to execute your translation project diligently.
JR Translation services prices are established by several elements, including language pair, desired time for completion, project size, file format, and typesetting needs.

Discuss your project or learn about our online translation services. Please email us at>, call us, or send a request for a quote using the link below. We are ready to understand your needs and discuss options for your translation project.