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Are you looking for reliable, high-quality interpretation services for everyday needs or an important event? Look no further than JR Language. From German to Japanese, our interpretation company can accommodate any language you require at the fluency level you expect. Our experienced professional interpreters are master linguists, with the skill and subject matter knowledge to break down language barriers in any setting.

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Types of Interpretation Services

JR Language offers a variety of interpretation solutions for all settings, whether you need an interpreter on-site at your event or a remote interpretation option. Choose from:

With consecutive interpretation, the interpreter waits until the speaker pauses to start delivering the translated message. This option is popular in small business settings and in legal environments where face-to-face communication is frequent.
Interpretation Simultaneous Services

Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for webinars, town hall meetings, conferences, and other large gatherings. During this type of interpretation, the interpreter delivers the message while the original speaker is still talking.

Since it requires the interpreter to speak one language while hearing another, simultaneous interpretation requires great skill. The interpreter must listen, understand what is being said, and translate it into another language with complete, grammatically correct sentences—all in real time. Simultaneous interpretation typically calls for special audio equipment, with the configuration dependent upon factors like the event duration, number of attendees, and number of languages involved.

Remote Interpretation Services
With remote interpreting, the interpreter provides lingual assistance from a remote geographic location. This is usually done through a technology platform that allows video remote interpretation (VRI) or over-the-phone interpretation (OPI).

Do you need bilingual service for your English-French meeting, webinars, and conferences? Zoom interpretation is quickly becoming the preferred choice for managing multilingual meetings. JR Language’s remote interpreting services include simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for Zoom in 40 languages. Our team is also happy to host your Zoom meeting event, including professional setup, coordination, and monitoring. With our Zoom interpreting services, you can reach more of your target audiences in a simple and low-cost way.

Zoom Interpretation Translation Services
Interpretation Services Remote Phone
Over-the-phone interpretation is a consecutive interpretation performed via phone. This economical solution is especially convenient if you need an interpreter quickly or on-demand. JR Language can set up on-demand phone interpretation services for your business, with 24/7 access and trained interpreters at the ready. This type of solution is ideal for social service and healthcare organizations.

Specialized Professional Interpreters

JR Language is proud to be a full-service interpretation company. Our solutions encompass all the specialties or areas you might need, from simultaneous and consecutive interpretation to legal and medical interpreting. Does your event or visit call for high confidentiality? We even have interpreters with government security clearance for extremely sensitive matters. 

Our company works only with experienced professional interpreters who have proven their ability to perform at the highest level of their discipline. Each candidate is carefully vetted based on their fluency in the languages required and their expertise in the respective industry.


Legal Interpretation Services

In the legal world, clear communication is essential. Our global legal interpreting services help support law firms and their clients during attorney-client meetings, court proceedings, depositions, trials, and interviews. When you hire JR Language, you can be sure you’re getting a seasoned legal interpreter who is well-versed in complex legal terminology.
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Medical Translation Services

Medical Interpretation Services

Bridging language barriers is vital to ensuring high-quality medical care for all populations. It can even help to prevent dangerous medical mishaps. Our medical interpretation services facilitate multilingual communication in hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental offices, and other healthcare settings.
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Business Translation Services

Business Interpretation

In today’s globalized business climate, business interpreting services are a powerful relationship-building tool, helping you demonstrate your commitment to clear and effective communication. Whether you’re hosting a worldwide employee meeting or a conference with overseas attendees, our business interpretation services can help you ensure your content is understood by all of your stakeholders.
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No matter the nature, location, or language needs of your event, JR Language has the right professional interpreter for you.

Call on us for all of your language interpretation occasions, including:

When you hire JR Language, you’re assigned a dedicated interpreter coordinator. This individual is here to manage your needs from start to finish, ensuring that your interpretation runs smoothly and your objectives are achieved. Your satisfaction is our success.

Conference Interpreting

A conference interpretation is a complex endeavor—but JR Language is up to the task. Let us support your multilingual communication needs to guarantee the participation and enjoyment of all your attendees. Our professional interpreters are highly skilled in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, whether they’re working on-site or remotely.
Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Conference interpreting usually calls for simultaneous interpretation of the event’s content as it’s shared. This is made possible by talented, extensively trained simultaneous conference interpreters. This two-person team works from a booth, broadcasting to the audience through headsets. It’s common to have multiple booths and teams to cover several languages at the same time, depending on the languages your conference requires. 

JR Language selects and assigns interpreter teams based on your conference theme. We also strive to match you with professionals experienced in conventions and conference environments. If your event is large or complex and requires special equipment, we provide both the equipment and a technical support team to help manage it. Our technicians remain on-site during your entire event to ensure a flawless operation.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

Simultaneous Interpretation Professional Company

In some cases, specialized equipment is required to ensure a smooth, streamlined conference interpretation. JR Language is ready to tailor your solution with all the equipment, connectivity, and technical support needed to ensure every guest can easily understand and participate. 

If you think you may need interpretation equipment, let us know in the early stages of your conference planning. This will allow us plenty of time to reserve the pieces you need.

Translation Services to Support Your Events

JR Language offers a comprehensive suite of multilingual support services beyond interpretation. These include:

If your organization serves multilingual populations in any way, the addition of professional interpretation services can keep the lines of communication open. Trust JR Language to help you deliver the right message in real time to the people who matter most.

Contact JR Language today to learn more about our expert interpretation services. One of our language solutions specialists will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Interpretation Services Frequently Asked Questions

Interpretation is a process that involves one or more individuals (the interpreters) who orally communicate translations of words and messages from one language to another. Interpretation services are delivered in person or remotely.

The two main types of interpretation services are simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation.

During consecutive interpretation, the interpreter translates the speaker's message after the speaker communicates a complete sentence or thought. In contrast, simultaneous interpretation sees the professional interpreter translating the information as the speaker speaks in real-time.

Depending on the location of all participants, the interpretation can be done on-site or remotely. Remote interpretation is commonly performed over the phone or via video calls like Zoom interpretation services.

Our interpretation services are requested for various events requiring multilingual support. Among them are business meetings, international conferences, legal proceedings, medical appointments, and diplomatic negotiations.

When assigning professional interpreters, we consider their experience, fluency in the languages required (source and target), and expertise in the subject matter covered at the event. If video software is necessary to facilitate your meeting, we ensure the interpreter is comfortable working with the technology selected for the interpretation.

The cost of interpretation services is based on factors including the type of interpretation you need, the languages required, the number of interpreters, the duration and location of your event, and the necessary level of expertise of the interpreter(s).

The technology, equipment, and additional services will also factor into the interpretation's cost. For instance, booth setups and portable interpretation equipment are regularly used for simultaneous interpretations. Another example of an additional fee is adding a technician on-site during the event.

The solution is to choose an experienced and reputable provider. Request references from their prior engagements and ask specific questions about their experience and the types of interpretation offered. 

Once you select the interpretation company and your partner assigns the right interpreters, you must provide all pertinent background information and supporting materials with enough time to ensure they perform their job effectively.

Book your service as far in advance as possible, particularly for larger or more complex events. The further ahead you book your interpretation service, the better the interpretation company can plan for the event and secure the most qualified interpreters. It's extra beneficial to plan if your event requires specialized equipment to facilitate the interpretation.

JR Language offers interpretation services in more than 100 language combinations. For phone interpretation services, we provide 24/7 service in 200 languages.

Still worried we might not have the language you need? Give us a call at 416-787-0617 and let us know what you need. You might be surprised at what JR Language Translation Services Canada can do for you!


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