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Multilingual Subtitles Services

Accurate, High-Quality Foreign Language Subtitling Services

Translating your video content using subtitles is a smart business move, helping to boost global engagement with your brand and message. You’ll find a whole suite of subtitling capabilities at JR Language Translation Services, all delivered by a top-botch team of linguists, engineers, technical specialists and project managers.

Part of our Video Localization Services, our foreign language subtitling service allows you to have your video content translated for the region of your choice with more than 100 languages! You’ll receive polished, broadcast-ready subtitles and captions that allow you to capture the attention of more audiences in regions across the globe. No matter the nature of your business, rely on our team to create multilingual subtitles for your:

Industry-Specific Captioning and Subtitling Services

Every industry has its own terminology and technical jargon, which can be challenging to translate into another language. At JR Language, we’re up to the task. No matter what field or topic your video pertains to, you can trust our seasoned linguists to provide a highly accurate and industry-appropriate translation of your content. A vast and experienced team of professional translators provides you with specialized expertise in the following areas:

French Subtitling Services

Do you need French subtitles for your video, broadcast or presentation? Through French subtitling services, your content is translated by a native French speaker in the dialect you choose. We create French subtitles to be used 

in Canada, Africa or around Europe. Please indicate your audience to select the team for your French project. Selecting the appropriate linguist to work on your French Translation project is crucial for its success. 

Like all of the languages we work with, you can expect a seamless translation that conveys your message effectively to French-speaking audiences.

Targeted, Localized Video Content to Match your Needs

When it comes to our foreign language subtitling service, nothing gets “lost in translation.” Expert translators make the necessary tweaks to keep your subtitles in sync with your on-screen dialogue.

They also take care to preserve the tone and style of your original content in order to deliver a culturally appropriate message.

The accurate translation of your video’s dialogue is important, but creating readable subtitles is even more critical. That’s why it’s essential to have a skilled and experienced team with a mastery of industry best practices for the creation of subtitles. Every step of the video localization project counts, select only an experienced translation company to guide and support your video translation journey.

Your unique needs are at the core of our subtitling services, whether you’re using your video on YouTube or social media or in web marketing. JR Language is able to work with any type of video format and application required for your project. Some examples of the projects we handle include:

Need foreign subtitles for your YouTube video? Get content with custom subtitles for any language you wish. You’ll receive files that allow you to immediately upload your newly translated video content to the YouTube platform.

Want to be able to play your video with subtitles on any platform? In that case, you can have JR Language hardcode or “burn” subtitles onto your video. This foreign language subtitling service is also referred to as captioning.

Did you know you can enhance your foreign subtitles with an accompanying voiceover? It’s true! You can choose from multilingual voiceover services in 100+ languages.

Why Use Subtitling Services vs. Voice Dubbing?

You can use multilingual subtitles or multilingual voiceover, or mix both in your video translation project. The decision will depend on the nature, and usage of the video and the available budget.

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Dubbing audio into another language requires experienced voice talent as well as expert studio editing. It can take a good amount of time—and money—to produce. Creating multilingual subtitles, on the other hand, is a cost-effective alternative that accomplishes a similar goal: making your message available to foreign audiences.

Collaborating with JR Language on your subtitling project is simple, hassle-free and flexible. You can give us a typed-up copy of your subtitles as a basis for our translation. Or, we’re happy to transcribe your video/audio, translate the script, and then develop your foreign subtitles. All the while, the use of strict quality practices guarantees you have a finished product you can be proud of.

Need to make sure your video is found and viewed by as many people as possible? Our team of professionals can include SEO keywords in your multilingual subtitles to improve your content’s visibility online. Gain better traction in search engine results—and a better return on your content investment.

Ready to Get Started With Subtitling Services?

Contact the JR Language translation company today if you’d like to know more about our foreign language subtitling service. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you engage more audiences around the world!

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