Business Translation Services

Business Translation Services

Trust the Business Translation Experts at JR Language

In the international marketplace, succeeding in business relies on maintaining accurate communication with all your audiences. If Canadian companies couldn’t connect with customers, vendors, and partners in other regions of the world, business would not be what it is today. There will always be a need for accurate business translation services for industries that are global.

Free-flowing multilingual business communication starts with professional translation services. From technical translations for the Canadian engineering, oil, and gas industries … to marketing, tourism, and legal business translations, you want to be able to express your message effectively to all stakeholders. Choose JR Language and benefit from the best business translation services available today.

Quick Turnaround on Business Translations in Over 100 Languages

With the ability to take on almost any language pair, our translation company offers high-quality translation and localization solutions for corporations in Canada and around the world. Need clinical trial data translated from English to Canadian French? Have patient records that require English to German translation? From marketing presentations to engineering specs … from English to French and beyond, we’re ready to commit to your important translation project. JR Language has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means we’ll return your business translation on time or even before your deadline.

Want to stake your claim in the Asian marketplace? We’ve got you covered. From Japanese corporate translation services to Chinese business translation services, our expert team can handle your project in both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Let us know your audience, and we’ll select the team to localize your message for them.

Business Translation Services for Virtually Every Industry

At our Canadian business translation company, you can count on our outstanding team of skilled translators with vast expertise across many industries. Once we understand your needs, you’ll be paired with one of our qualified linguists who knows all about your sector: the challenges, trends, and even the specialized terminology. Our ability to match the right translator to each client project allows us to produce highly accurate business translations that engage your target audience.

JR Language offers professional business document translation services for an array of industries. These include (but are not limited to):

Don’t see your specific sector listed above? Not to worry! Our corporate translation company serves Canadian clients in industries ranging from software, beauty, and food services to construction and aerospace. Just tell us about your business translation project and we’ll handle the rest.

A Track Record You Can Trust

Why does JR Language Translation Services Canada have such a high client retention rate? It’s because of our linguistic resources, constantly improved translation process, technology in place, and the quality of our professional translation services. When it comes to performing translation and localization services, we only work with our vetted and professional linguists who are knowledgeable in the industries they’ll be translating for. In addition to having this foundational knowledge, our team will research your business and industry to make sure they have a comprehensive understanding of your audience and goals. This is how we produce business translations of the highest quality and accuracy every time.

Tailored Business Language Solutions Focused on Your Needs

Business Translation

JR Language has spent the last two decades managing business and corporate translations and localization projects for clients across Canada. Offering a full suite of language solutions, we’re eager to help you bridge the language gap and reach more audiences around the world.

Our translation company provides a consultative approach to localization projects. Armed with superior knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and talented people, we can craft a solution that’s tailor-fitted to your budget, timeline, and needs. It’s no wonder so many organizations trust our professional business translation services for all their important projects and applications.

Below is a full list of the professional language services offered by our Canadian business translation company. Tell us about your multilingual communications needs, and we’ll assemble a team that’s dedicated to your project.

  • Professional consulting for your translation services projects
  • A seasoned team of project managers, multilingual designers, and localization engineers
  • Human-powered translations in 100 languages
  • Business interpretation services
  • Technical translation services
  • eLearning and training translation
  • Localization services based on the locale you’re targeting
  • Neural machine translation (MT) and post-editing services
  • Video translation services including transcription with translation, voiceover, and subtitles

Multimedia Localization

Get Your Video Content Professionally Translated

Looking for video and multimedia translation, localization, and transcreation services from a proven partner? With our business translation services, you can have your video, social media, and other online content translated to reach your global clients, employees, and partners. Let us help you share your multimedia content in multiple languages with your international audience.

Website Localization

Share Your Digital Experience with Global Users

Adding multilingual websites is an important element of any international business project. If you want to make your Canadian website accessible to people across the globe, consider JR Language’s website localization services. With our help, you can expand your brand and market reach and grow your business even further. We can even connect with your Content Management System (CMS) and handle the translation and ongoing maintenance of your multilingual website.

Terminology Management

Expertise in Your Industry’s Language

If your business translations involve complex technical or corporate terminology, not to worry—we’ve got it handled. Our multilingual and multidisciplinary team has the resources to build and maintain comprehensive, accurate terminology glossaries for your specific sector. This is just one more way we guarantee your business translations are 100% accurate and reliable.

For Corporate Communication, Consistency and Accuracy Are Essential

As a Canadian organization speaking to a global workforce and clientele, you want to deliver your message with complete confidence and undeniable clarity. Inaccurate, unpolished business translations can compromise your brand image and create confusion for people you’re trying to reach.

Business Translations

Expert business translations from JR Language can help you avoid common miscommunication pitfalls. Our professional translators are well-versed in international business in addition to being talented linguists. Our expert team is ready to help you get your message out across all languages in a clear and consistent voice.

A Customer-Focused Translation Company

JR Language is a “customer first” Canadian translation agency focused on meeting the needs of our clients. Rely on us for a turnkey solution to your translation services needs. From our attentive project managers to our skilled translators and linguists, we take over your entire language project so that you can focus on your core business. Beyond offering premium translation services, we offer our clients peace of mind.

Human Resources Document Translations

As your organization expands its global footprint, it’s important that all your employees are trained in the latest compliance issues as well as local policies and procedures. From employee handbooks and company policies to corporate videos and training material, we can translate your HR documents into more than 100 languages. Wondering about eLearning translation services? Just ask. We help many Canadian companies translate all the content in their online training programs.

Business Translation Services

Seamless Business Document Translation Services

Do you have important documents in need of a business translation? Our business document translation services can accommodate projects of all types, from Simplified Chinese business translation that will go abroad to French translation for your business partners in Quebec. Choose us for the professional translation of your:

At JR Language, we’re all about cultivating happy clients! We maintain a strict quality control process—along with some of the latest translation technologies—to ensure the professionalism and high caliber of our work product.

Looking for French Business Translation Services?

Every day, our professional translation company manages projects large and small from English into French. From financial and legal documents to medical and marketing content, we’re proud to support government organizations in communicating their message and help clients reach their clients or partners in Canadian French. No matter your needs or your target audience, we have the best translation solutions—whether you want to deliver your content in French to be used in Canada or you want a French translation to communicate with an international market in Europe or Africa. We’ll partner with your organization to do business internationally or be in compliance by having French content in Canada.

Spanish Business Translation Services for All Applications

Does your company serve Spanish-speaking clients in Canada—or customers in Latin American nations? With our professional business Spanish translation services, you can stay continuously connected to your Spanish-speaking audiences. Whether you want to convert employee handbooks for your Latino employees or craft an email campaign for your customers in Mexico, put your project in our capable hands. Our team is adept at delivering clear, consistent business translations in almost any language pair. From experienced translators and project managers to multilingual designers, everyone on our team is wholly committed to your satisfaction.

Language Interpretation Services for Your Multilingual Business Communications

Have a critical meeting coming up and need business interpretation services? Trust in JR Language to speak the language of your customers, shareholders, partners, and employees. When you hire us, we match you with a skilled linguist who also has specialized expertise in your area of business. Our world-class professional interpreters can work either on-site at your location or remotely via Zoom meetings or telephone.

Business Document Translation

Our language company provides interpretation services for the government sector and for business and educational institutions on a regular basis. Plan your interpretation session ahead of time so we have adequate time to plan the best multilingual event and reserve the best interpreter for your event.

Reach out today to discuss your business interpretation needs and objectives. One of our interpreter coordinators will work with you closely to help you achieve flawless multilingual communication for your event, meeting, or conference.

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Our multilingual experts and project managers are just a phone call or email away. They’re ready to discuss our business translation services with you at your earliest convenience.

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