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Professional Game Localization Keeps the Experience Authentic in Any Language

Your graphics are intense. Your effects are awesome. You’ve got a big hit on your hands, as long as the game remains in its native language. But, what happens when it’s time to export/download to other countries?

You need more than mere language translation of games. Translation is only part of the process. To ensure a truly authentic experience for your players – regardless of their nationality – you must have professional game localization, too.

Game Localization Lets You Target New Markets with Confidence

JR Language offers you a strategic advantage. All translators chosen to work on your computer & video game translation projects have gaming experience. In addition, they have also lived and worked in the region whose language they’ll be translating into.

This guarantees that every aspect of your game – from packaging to software to character voices – will be in sync with the cultures receiving your games. You’ll have the full ability to maintain the attention and interest of your players, giving them a genuine gaming experience, through expert, localized translations.

What’s more, game translation & localization also opens doors to advertise, sell and promote your games to new markets worldwide.

Translation into Multiple Languages & Cultures

Localization services can be performed in over 100 languages and hundreds of cultures, keeping you one step ahead of the game. We’ll gladly assist with any type of gaming project, including:

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