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Translations of Employee Handbook

Communicate with your Workforce in their Native Language

Just like many companies around the world, yours probably has employees who are not native English speakers. This is where JR Language’s Employee Handbook Translation Services can help. Clearly stating the company rules as well as your employees’ rights and responsibilities is paramount in a working relationship. It builds trust, reduces work-related problems and accidents, and most importantly avoids misunderstandings

Aside from showing good faith to your company’s employees, you may even be required by law to have your employee handbook, and other HR related documents like training material, welcome packages, surveys, and forms, translated into the native languages of your employees.

We have experience translating employee handbooks for an array of industries, ranging from the food industry to the security sector. We have skillful, professional translators who know the right terminology to get the message across.

Employee Handbooks are frequently translated into Spanish and Chinese. But the demographics of your company might require other languages. We offer more than 100 languages, (link hereto multilingual translation) please specify your language needs.

How to get started:

  • Survey your company’s employees and decide which documents to translate and into which languages.
  • Submit your documents for review and get your free quote here. Provide any supporting material, if applicable.
  • JR Language will provide a quote and return the translated Handbook ready to be printed.
  • Enjoy the reliable, professional translations and customer service JR Language has to offer.

Workforce Language Facts

  • Spanish Language: In 2011, 58.9 % of Latinos ages 16 and older were employed in the United States.
    (According to the United States Department of Labor)
  • Asian Languages: In 2010, 59.9 % of Asians ages 16 and older were employed in the United States.
    (According to the United States Department of Labor)

[Asian-Americans, Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are making up a larger share of the United States labor market.]

The translation of  Employee Handbooks  in one of the multiple services that we provided in the field of HR Translations, call us or send us an email to consult with us about the  requirements of your company.

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