Engaging a Fresh Audience in Toronto through Translation

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Marketing for media, entertainment, and fashion are the dreams of many. Rich production standards and professionally produced materials for theater, movies, and clothing designers provide great content. If you’re in a sales or marketing position within your company you know the challenge of gathering materials and content. Quite often, locating either of those in good quality can be a challenge. And writing about the most recent corporate merger doesn’t read like a blockbuster movie to-be.

The problem is that most of our expectable prospects are drowning in marketing. In fact, many have come to the point of finding ways to tune out your messaging. Playlists, Fast forwards (whenever possible) on Youtube® videos and Paid services like Hulu® or Netflix® are ways around your marketing message.

Engage a Fresh Audience in Toronto through Translation

From 2004 to 2013 over 1 Million people have immigrated to Canada. Four of the leading countries of origin are China, India, the Philippines, and Pakistan

In Toronto Canada, there’s good news! With over 50% of Toronto’s workforce comprised of immigrants, this influx of working citizens may represent your greatest opportunity for marketing and engagement. Let’s first look at points of origin. From 2014 – 2016, the following nations contributed to those immigrating to Toronto. The entire list of top 25 can be seen here.

  • China (9.1%)
  • Pakistan (3.8%)
  • United States of America (2.8%)
  • Iran (2.2%)
  • France (2.1%)
  • United Kingdom & Colonies (2%)
  • Eritrea (1.6%)
  • Nigeria (1.5%)
  • South Korea (1.4%)

Top Skilled jobs for cross several industries

  • Healthcare sector: Cardiology Technologist, Respiratory Therapist
  • Applied Sciences: Geoscientist, Engineering
  • Skilled Labor: Land surveyors

Within each of these disciplines, there is a high expectation for training. The first stage is for those immigrants who are interested in these areas of study. In many cases transferring from Europe and Asia can create a challenge in simply overcoming the language gap. The occupations noted above are in need of qualified applicants to fulfill the current needs and most of those needs are expected to continue to grow. Video translation and document translation for printed materials will be required to help bring immigrant applicants up to speed in their transition into training for these careers.

Looking beyond work hours and career planning, remember, these immigrants are now consumers, with preferences and prerogatives all their own. What would you do once you’ve finished your day at work or university? Consider the simplicity of finding a meal in Toronto. There are more than enough restaurants and café’s from which to choose. But as immigrants arrive, many find themselves looking for something from home. Along these lines, marketing to prospective clients looking for Pakistani or Iranian cuisine or those cultural entertainments may be one of your untapped markets. Marketing translation and localization is essential to getting a message across effectively to these clients.

Given their presence in an open, western culture, imagine approaching these new international consumers with messages in their native language, but delivered via text-campaigns and online video. Video engagement is an effective tool, and having your video translated and localized, subtitled or dubbed can help you reach more audiences in a powerful way.

Is moving to the suburbs an opportunity?

Along with many manufacturing facilities that have moved outside the GTA, a considerable number of immigrants concede they’ve been “priced out” of Toronto. For those in the marketing community, this may present yet another opportunity. As immigrant couples and families look to establish their homes, real estate agencies, lenders and numerous other home-related services can identify themselves with culturally relevant messages.

And it’s growing

Previous generations of immigrants to Toronto often remained within the GTA. However, with more than 51% of immigrants moving to the suburbs of Toronto in 2017, this may become an enormous opportunity for growth. These homeowners represent a key target market for many clients as they are often:

  • Raising young families
  • Consuming entertainment and occasional travel
  • Purchasing weekly foodstuffs and other home-relevant services

One key element to successful marketing is being trustworthy. Keeping your message to these varied language groups on-point will become increasingly important. So, be sure to work with translation and marketing experts in these respective languages and cultures.  With the help of professional translation services in Toronto, you will present your services to your target audience with accuracy in messaging, a critical link in the chain of developing new markets.