Standing Out in Toronto with Translation

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Welcome to Toronto, home of different cultures and languages!

Canada is a rising star in the aspect of international relations, specifically trade.  Toronto, located in southeast Canada within eye-shot of Niagara Falls, is one of the most progressive places in the country, with flourishing academic, social, and economic circles.  For decades, Toronto has enjoyed an influx of brilliance and industry in the form of people from all corners of the world.

Today we’ll look at how the modern business owner can most effectively market themselves in Toronto with the help of language translation services in Toronto and professional interpretation.  We’ll look at what languages are spoken and where the residents come from.  You’ll also need to know about the changing face of Toronto in terms of emerging markets with their own languages, customs, and needs.

We Built This City

According to Canada’s Immigration Minister from 2015 to 2017, John McCallum, Canada has and will continue to be built by immigrants.  He further expressed the reality that the aging demographic  in Canada is growing, and a focus on helping immigrants use their skills and talents is the wisest course of action.  This would help further stimulate economic growth in years to come, and improve the morale of the populace.  Several  plans have already been put into place by the government to promote prosperous integration:

  • In 2015, the Canadian government premiered Express Entry, designed to select skilled individuals for a fast track to permanent residency.
  • International Experience Canada, or IEC, focuses on connecting young adults with work permits.
  • Canada’s general information line, 311, is now available in over 180 languages, using the very best interpreters. The city of Toronto’s website can be translated to over 50 languages, giving access of critical information to it’s non-English or non-French  speaking immigrants.
  • In 1969, Canada passed the Official Languages Act, mandating that everyone have access to federal services in the official language of their choice. The Act has been updated several times since its inception, with English and French as the two official languages.  Who knows if there will be more official languages to come in the near future?

These programs highlight the need for excellent translation services to be present in the Toronto economy.

Explore Your Demographics and think of how Translation Services Can Help

It is important for any business owner to have a keen knowledge of who they should sell to.  That is doubly true when approaching one of the most diverse cities in the world.  Let’s take a look at some industry snapshots that illustrate evolving linguistic landscapes beyond English and French.

  • If you want to market to Toronto’s students, a large number speak Chinese. Integrate Chinese translation services, especially Mandarin and Cantonese, on the appropriate media to make friends with this powerful group.  Besides academic material, students consume large amounts of online video and use mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites.  The sharing element of social media adds crowd sourcing to your advertising and data gathering efforts.
  • If your business is connected with real estate, consider Tagalog translation services. At this time, the Philippines is the foremost country of origin for those buying homes to live in, and the housing market shows buyers favoring homes on the outskirts of Toronto.  Property investors are present across a wide swath of languages, so keeping an expert translation agency on hand is advised.
  • If your work is in retail, be receptive to foreign brands, buyers, and investors by using a range of translation and interpretation services in Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, and more. A strong Pakistani cohort has emerged in private commerce, speaking a variety of languages: Urdu, Pashto, English, French, and more.
  • Are you a culinary entrepreneur? The Philippines has emerged as an excellent source of seafood and ocean vegetables in recent years.  If you are in food service, having a Tagalog option for your materials will open you up to a sea of new clients and partners.  A professional translation agency should be used to localize for dialect, as island nations tend to have many.
  • Planning to be involved with local government? Remember, the first two languages of Canadian Parliament are English and French.  Punjabi is now third for Parliamentary proceedings.


Explore Your Media

Establish how you’re going to reach your demographic.  A business that does not know its client base intimately is a business that has already lost its way.  What needs can you meet?  What problems can you solve?  Once you know that, narrow down their activities and preferences.  Does your cohort prefer to watch video or listen to audio?  Do they prefer desktop or mobile devices?  How much leisure time do they have and how do they like to use it?  Where do they go for their news?

Use a professional translation agency to translate your content for Toronto.  The right agency will make sure that your original message is intact within a perfect translation.  Take advantage of local market data to truly connect with your customers across different media.  Examples include:

  • Web content. Analyze where your market browses online for a snapshot of their online activity.
  • Video and audio. Take advantage of audio and video hosting sites, social media, and video ads.  Video is a powerful tool for marketing, so choose a translation agency skilled in video translation for Toronto.
  • Signage, 3d and digital, for any industry. Signage not only advertises your brand, product, and service, but also provides information and a call to action.
  • Print media. This includes flyers, brochures, handbooks, direct mail ads, and more.  In this digital age, print media has not lost relevancy when used wisely.  By using certified translation services for your Toronto projects, you can be sure that your words read exactly the way they should.

Translate and Localize!

Effective localization by experts is the ingredient without which any international or multilingual marketing campaign will fall flat.  Localization makes your message relatable and timely.  Strong localization is a blend of culture, dialect, and current relevancy by native speakers of the target language.  A well-localized ad catches and keeps the eye or ear.  It relates to the interests and experience of the consumer.

Spot-on localization is one result of never settling for anything less than the best when it comes to language services in Toronto.  A professional translation agency will make sure your message is suited to its audience and placed so that your content will find them.

Nothing but the Best Translation Services to Help Meet Business Goals

The business that is acutely aware of what their client needs and works purposefully to meet those needs is the business that prospers.  When beginning or expanding international and multilingual sales, always do so with the confidence that access to certified translation services brings.

To meet all your language services needs in Toronto, JR Language is proud to offer an array of solutions, including document translation, legal translation, and video translation.  JR Language can translate any source language to any target language without losing accuracy or nuance.  Having your business materials translated by the best in the business is one big way to succeed at selling in Toronto.