Translating Toronto’s Tech Boom

Toronto translation technology boom

The Driving Need for Technical Translation in Toronto

Canada’s Silicon Valley

In recent years, Toronto has emerged as a thriving spot for technology and manufacturing, introducing new jobs, new machinery, and an even greater need for language translation services. Toronto has even earned the nickname “Silicon Valley North.” According to a 2018 study by real estate firm CBRE Group, Toronto added over 82,000 technology-based jobs between 2012 and 2017, achieving a growth rate of about 52%. That puts Toronto ahead of Seattle and San Francisco in the realm of technology career growth.

The technology and manufacturing industry is highly globalized. Equipment, technical services, computers, and manufacturing machines are sold and serviced across the world, and marketing materials and technical manuals are adapted to different languages. This makes translation services a crucial activity for technology and manufacturing companies to communicate easily and accurately. Technical translation is a necessary process for technology to advance and for manufacturing processes to flow safely and efficiently in a globalized world.

How can you capitalize on Toronto’s tech growth? What is behind the expansion? Where do translation and language services fit in? Read on to find out how technical translation services can give your business a leg up in Toronto’s diverse technology and manufacturing industry.

Translation and Talent

One of the driving factors in Toronto’s technology advancements is immigration. The Canadian government recognizes the value of international talent and is taking steps to attract technologically skilled individuals. Part of Canada’s Global Skills Strategy program is dedicated to expediting the immigration process for experienced technology and manufacturing workers, and the Start-Up Visa initiative treats international business owners favorably if they move their businesses to Canadian soil.

Avi Goldfarb is chair of the artificial intelligence and healthcare department at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. He says, “More than anything else, it is an open immigration policy, friendliness to innovation, and the funding of the basic research decades ago that led to the breakthrough for using machine learning that everybody is talking about today.”

Translation and Education

Toronto is known for its universities, and international students are arriving in increasing numbers to learn and work. Academic translation gives them a firm footing to move confidently in their educational careers, from translation of transcripts to course content and syllabus. Our translation agency loves helping students by providing professional academic translators to give them accurately translated documents to promote their success. Many of these students will go on to work at technology and manufacturing companies, or start their own, making Toronto’s technology and manufacturing sector even more diverse and multilingual. JR Language Translation Services is in Toronto ready to translate their websites, legal materials, and manuals properly to any language they need.

Language services drive communication. Communication drives collaboration. Collaboration drives innovation. Innovation drives progress in society, which creates a need for better communication, and so on. Our translation services company in Toronto aims to be part of this progress by bringing professional translation and localization services to technology and manufacturing.

Translating the Details

Technology and manufacturing produce huge amounts of written material, much of which needs to be translated for multilingual users. This material ranges from descriptions of new designs and user manuals for buyers, or the instructions for the manufacturing staff who make and sell the products. Professional technical translators skilled in the client’s industry are essential to make sure that a manufacturing manual translation leaves not a single measurement incorrect, step out of order, or a verb that is unclear. Anything less could lead to workplace accidents, patent rejection, faulty products, and more problems that slow down processes, and turn off customers.

To drive this point home, the list of large companies turning their attention to Toronto includes Uber, Google, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Amazon, and Shopify. Canada already has two official languages, English and French. Other than those two, Canada is also home to residents who speak Chinese, Arabic, Punjabi, and other languages. At the same time, Canada is a global player exporting products and services to its partners around the world. Technical translation is how these companies make sure that their processes, manuals, instructions, and licenses are available in other languages, with accurate content relevant to the audience receiving it.

Making Translation Excellence Your Standard

Bring out the best that your company can offer to the multilingual world of technology and manufacturing in Toronto by using professional translation services for your legal materials, manuals, and client-facing content.

Help your customers and employees communicate well while attracting your target market by speaking directly to them in their native languages. Set your business up for success when participating in Toronto’s Silicon Valley North by investing in language services.